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  1. So what does it mean when you do this and it still is constantly generating the files in Overwrite? I've done it about a dozen times and the Campfire and Frostfall SKSE plugins are correctly in their respective mods. But it's still being generated nonetheless.
  2. Hoping the Mod Author responds, even though it's been years since this was started. I'm having references to "Cure (name of disease) Potions" even though I've removed both DD and iNeeds with MO2 "Remove Mod", and started a new game. It's conflicting with the Diseases Overhaul I want to use. Can you tell me why references are still persisting in a new game with no mods or plugins related to DD? Please help me remove the references from my new game.
  3. I'm trying to use Diseased Overhaul but when I go to alchemist's shops, they are selling "Cure (name of disease) Potions". In Googling this is related to Dangerous Diseases, a mod I removed through MO2 "Remove Mod" ages ago. I use iNeed and made sure all the DD options were unchecked. I even removed it, but the references persist even into a new game. There is no mod or plugin related to DD now. I've set DO mod and plugin to highest priority. The only thing I can think of is some reference with SKSE? I don't really know how that works, but I can't see why this would be happening with MO2. Can someone shed some light please? At the very least, seeing the highest priority for Diseased Overhaul should overwrite these files I would think? Thanks for the help.
  4. What do you do when you've set a mod and it's plugins to a much-higher priority than the one you want it to overwrite in MO2, but it never seems to overwrite it? I'm trying to get an Unarmored Skill Tree Mod to overwrite Ordinator. But it's like it never recognizes it. I don't even get the lightning symbol.
  5. What is going on with my MO2? It tells me log-in failed every time I start up, but the password is correct. I've tried resetting my Nexus password and that worked briefly. Then it's back to this. But it can connect to Nexus just fine and open into my Nexus account. But I'm having problems getting downloads to transfer. Then I see it wants to update. So I update MO2 and it works again. Then it won't let me move a file out of Overwrite. I can't delete it or drag and drop it. Restarting MO2 doesn't help. Then I see it wants updated. But I just updated it last night. And 2 days before that. Something is really weird and I don't know how to fix this. Can anyone shed some light? I'm also having a separate issue I posted about with SKSE crash dumps in Overwrite. I don't know if they are connected or not.
  6. I installed with STEP. The game is ctding frequently and generating this crash dump, I don't know what it means? Could you please help me? I've also installed the Preloader. Crash info:2020_02_09_12-40-35 - 663095: V(1); EAX(663090); EBX(2A7E5144); ECX(19FA64); EDX(10C96FC); ESI(0); EDI(19FA64); EBP(0); ESP(19FA20); STACK(663446 66431B 6648B2 6E928F 6ED2BD 65A81C 65A96D 656FD1 664504 6EC3E1 74F2FE A4AF84 401739 69495C 69CE1A 69CE24 69DFEC 8ADC16 977485 6940F0 400000 900011 696E69);
  7. So my Skyrim got uninstalled through Steam and I've just reinstalled it. But MO2 isn't working anymore. I'm trying to figure out what all needs to happen to make it work again. I went to the folder that MO2 is installed to. I can't recognize a folder that has my mods installed to it. But MO2 is still showing all my mods in it. It's been over a year and I can't remember this program very well. Do you know what folder MO2 would save my mods in and how to get them reconnected to the Skyrim I've just downloaded? Anyway I haven't a clue how to proceed. Like I said, MO2 shows all my mods still in the program. But when I go to launch Skyrim it gives me a little box with a question mark and can't do anything else. It just goes into Not Responding. Would someone mind helping me? This is a disaster :(
  8. Would you maybe know the answer to this one: I keep crashing and it tells me corrupt nif and sound files. So I look and the AOS audio overhaul is no longer in the plugins. It's no longer in my mod list. In downloads it says I need to double click to install. However, it's already been installed and is running in my game! I didn't remove it. I never unchecked it. So why is it suddenly not in my plugins? This has happened a few times. My mods are suddenly uninstalled. But I've been playing them so they already were installed. I haven't come across anything that explains that one. The whole program seems buggy to me. I've had a lot of issues with MO2.
  9. The game is still crashing. It doesn't seem like Crash Fixes did anything positive really. And before I downloaded it, I could get into Sadri's shop. Now it's yellow. It's really weird. Would showing a load order help? It doesn't seem like giving you the crash information from SKSE helped.
  10. It was working just fine until I installed Crash Fixes and preloader. Then the cells are corrupted. And starting a new game didn't work. And removing the working overwritten files didn't work. It was just after CF and pl. I can't find anything on Google about it either. I'm hoping you can help because I can't get it fixed again.
  11. I changed my installation of Holds to the modular one so that only Snow City is working there, without overwrites. The interiors are still affected. It happened from Crash Fixes, or the preloader. Can you tell me what to do to fix this please?
  12. So it crashed again. This time in an area that isn't modded. Here is the SKSE crash report. I'm hoping it will give an idea of what is going wrong in my game. Does this mean anything to you? Crash info:2019_02_23_09-15-34 - 655568: V(1); EAX(0); EBX(1); ECX(10); EDX(10C9DE4); ESI(C157B8D0); EDI(3180C2D0); EBP(2614370C); ESP(1E59FEF0); STACK(6644F1 6EC3E1 75B617 6F4280 6F3A33 A4E31E A4B4A0 A4BB02 A4B4A0 A4B4A0 A4B4A9 A4B4A0);
  13. Actually I just removed Holds and only played with Snow City, which fixed the issue of it not rendering correctly. Not a permanent fix. I still need it to overwrite Holds like it did before. But it did not solve the issues I'm having in the interior cells in Windhelm. Somehow installing preloader and Crash Fixes has messed up interiors. I hope you can tell me what to do. I tried removing them both but it only messed up the game worse. How can these two cause an issue like that?
  14. So the question is how to make it overwrite the other mod again in MO2 since it no longer is, even though it's placed lower. I also reinstalled it but that didn't make a difference. Before installing Crash Fixes it was working fine. I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. Would love some advice.
  15. So the question is how to make it overwrite the other mods again in MO2 since it no longer is, even though it's placed lower. I also reinstalled it but that didn't make a difference. Before installing Crash Fixes it was working fine. I'm not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. Would love some advice.
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