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  1. Now thats something to check out. I am using immersive armors... hmmm... that'd be too bad cause i love that mod...
  2. One thing I realized is different from my old setup, (the one i had before i updated to the latest STEP). For me, out of almost 1000 hours in skyrim, the flipping cart is a new thing. So I have been wondering what is different between the old STEP setup I had been using, and the one I am using now. Because I also tried deactivating all my mods, and still had the problem. I was wondering if having cleaned the update.esm and/or the other bethesda esms might be causing this. But that's probably because I don't really understand what cleaning them does. I just know that some mods need their dirtyness to work properly. I was thinking maybe this is the case with the bethesda official DLCs that step has you clean with tes5edit?
  3. Wow, wish I had checked reddit now before fixing the facepack issue! Would have saved me a lot of time. I fixed it in a different spot than the guide however. I also don't know C#.. I know some java. So I am unaware of the differences. I wonder if my fix breaks anything else... All I did was put a "/" into one of the strings so the file path for the file the script was looking for was correct... MO reports no errors after my fix though so I stopped investigating at that point. I also just install bodyslide manually for easy setup and use in MOs exe list so I never ran into that error. That's a damned handy guide GSDFan Thanks!!
  4. No Helgen Reborn. And since I upped my memory in enblocal (previous post in this thread showed what i did), i have had no freezing or lockups. Even using showracemenu while outside. The only problem I'm having now is the cart flipping thing. Which, again, I have a save that gets me past it. At this point, I'm just being stubborn and trying to squash the bug cause it's annoying.
  5. Just did another test on the new game. Cart flipping error is back. I can't stand intermittent bugs. They are the worst kind. Yes I have a save file that is past the cart ride, so I can easily circumvent this error. I'd still like to find out whats causing it. A couple things: 1) Using the skyrim performance monitor, fps NEVER went above 60. So the FPS limiter, and presumably vsync are working.2) Memory is fine. Using around 2gb of the 3gb my card has, and about 800mb of ram to run the game. This fluctuates a little up or down obviously, but doesn't go too far from what I said. 3) Exasperated *sigh*. i'll squash this bug yet damn it. Anybody have any idea how to get papyrus logging working with MO?
  6. It seems that using the FPS limiter in enblocal.ini works when set to 60.0 fps. No more flipping/falling cart, at least not yet. Have done two new games so far with no problems in any case. As for the freezes and lockups, im not positive, but i had installed skse through adding the archive into MOs MODS folder and activating it as if it were a mod. I stopped using this method, and used the skse installer to actually install it, and have not had a freeze since. Never got papyrus logging to work. I think this has something to do with MOs different .ini files. Not sure where i need to enable the logging to get it to work, or where the logs folder will be once it is enabled. If it were in the MO inis would that not make the game put the log files in the overwrite folder when it created the logs?
  7. Tephandemic, (or anyone) So preset interval is in skyrimprefs.ini, which means you are just using the actual skyrim side vsync? does that mean i should deactivate vsync in enblocal and try that? am i understanding this correctly? I'm not using a full enb. just the memory management. thinking of trying and enb preset though.. any tips on which one is the best? i like dark darks, and vibrant colors. (id be able to use the frame limiter then correct?)
  8. Just double checked and vsync has been on in enblocal this whole time. So either it's not working, or its something else.
  9. I just installed the Skyrim Performance Monitor after setting my enblocal.ini memory setting to: [MEMORY]ExpandSystemMemoryX64=trueReduceSystemMemoryUsage=trueDisableDriverMemoryManager=falseDisablePreloadToVRAM=falseEnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=falseReservedMemorySizeMb=512VideoMemorySizeMb=10240EnableCompression=trueAutodetectVideoMemorySize=false I am KILLING the game with 60fps rock solid. No more freezes as of yet. MCM is also working WAY better, where as before, it was lagging, and not loading up the setting for mods in the right pane when i clicked on a mod in the left pane. So far so good. Gonna go eat lunch and then come back and do some more testing and reporting. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  10. That's what the step 2.2.9 guide says to do, but apparently, there is a formula that allows for more, with a decent increase in performance. This is the post i am reading that is leading me to believe that I should try and up this and turn off auto detection. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4781-correct-enblocal-settings/just trying to dial in just what my formula should be here before i go changing it. Papyrus logging? Do tell, or link a resource on how if you would be so kind good sir. I could look it up but I'm neck deep in this vram formula business atm.
  11. On that topic though, I am getting random freezes/lockups. Looking into this a bit, I have read this is a pretty clear indication that I'm hitting my vram limit? Can I change that in enblocal.ini to more than the actual vram number?
  12. No no, thats how fast the memory is clocked at. Not the amount. this is a 3gb card as far as how much is there.
  13. I did indeed get the latest version of SKSE and the skse.ini file set up properly, just double checked.I was obsessive about following the "detailed instructions" (*cough* could use some more detail in a few of them.) in the guide. I got the loot rules set up. FNIS and DSR patchers running, bashed patch installed and in theory working correctly. These are my system specs too to erase any doubt of my system being able to handle this. Built and configured this system myself. Windows 7 pro 64bit. ASUS m4a89td pro usb 3/sata 6 mobo. (thats the AMD 890fx chipset) AMD Phenom II 1055t 6core. oc'd to 3.9ghz. AMD Radeon HD 7970 3gb. oc'd to 1ghz core, and 1440 memory speed. 8 gigs ddr3 1600 ripjaw x series ram. All HDDs and SSDs are in AHCI mode. Skyrim is installed on a WD Caviar Black 1tb drive. I wish my SSD was big enough to accommodate skyrim and the mods... sadly it is not, and just holds the OS and supporting software. I have a nice arctic cooling aftermarket heatsink and fan installed on the CPU and 5 large hydro dynamic bearing case fans gulping air conditioned air into and out of the case. Temps are good to go. This is def not a hardware issue. I'm quite sure of this. I am a college educated, professional PC technician with a bunch of experience. I did just switch from Comodo's internet security suite to bit defender... wondering if that may be interfering somehow. Thanks for taking the time to try and help people. I really appreciate it.
  14. Awesome ideas all. Thanks guys. I may try the alternate start mod just for the novelty of it. I was just able to get all the way through the cart scene, and got a clean save after getting out of the cart, right at character creation so I think I should be ok now. But now race menu is locking up when altering facial features.... *sigh* ... it never ends..
  15. Anybody have any idea what mods, or actions(like a TES5Edit Cleaning..) could cause this so I can begin to troubleshoot it?Basically, when I start a new game, the wagon I'm on is either falling through the sky infinitely, and then gets reset in the sky to fall again, OR the cart is fine and everything is working but the game locks up.Ask me questions about my setup. I don't want to post my long as load order / mod list unless you want to see it. I'll say I'm using all the mods on the STEP 2.2.9 guide, plus some mods of my own choosing(not many). I am not using any STEP patches because I don't know how to edit the load order thing in the STEP patches with TES5Edit to make them work with the extra mods I'm using.I just spent two days re-installing everything from the ground up, following all instructions in the STEP guide to the letter. Save using the STEP patches for the above reason, and bloody hells, after all that work, I want this damnable thing to work! Please help if you can!
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