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Main Menu Bug - Advice requested on conflict Resolution Patch



Recently I encountered an issue with missing main menu data on start up. After a laborious process of elimination, the problem was, amusingly, my conflict resolution patch. The symptoms were reproducible and unique to the patch.  The patch was based on the SRLE Template, modified over the last few days to resolve lingering issues with my particular build. TES5Edit offered no warnings or error messages, and there was nothing readily apparent to indicate an issue. I made some successful test runs throughout the editing process, but somewhere it simply went awry. Obliviously the mistake was mine, but unlike my previous mistakes, I could not ascertain what I had done wrong. So I have created a new modified SRLE Conflict Resolution Template that currently works without issue. However, I need to make additional edits to get all of my added mods to work right. Before I start this process again, I respectfully request some guidance. Is it possible to make too many edits? For a Patch to have too many masters? I generally avoid touching anything in the records that I don't understand in terms of function, but I was wondering if perhaps there are somethings that simply should not be touched. I will be starting the process again tomorrow, and I plan to take a more systematic approach with more integrated test runs. However, in the interim, if there is any helpful advice available, it would be greatly appreciated.   

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Thank you for your reply. To be honest, that guide did not cover much that I was not already aware of. But your effort is appreciated all the same. Truth be told, it was a vague request from the get, and most of my answers will have to be found the hard way.

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