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Strange Grey Rock Texture



Hi guys, i followed all the  F&L, but actually i have a problem, rock and mountain at distance are all grey, in a ugly way





Any fixe ? or is this normal ? rock became "orange normal" only when i'm walking like, 10m near them




Thanks for the reply





Here's a screenshot


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Maybe you installed the Rocks or LODs from Textures Over Time. That would cause an issue. You can untick those mods one at a time and see which one causes the issue. THen just reinstall the mod.


also, you can drop Hall of Equipment if you want to, it's not that much better than vanilla, so probably not worth the VRAM hit.

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Thank you.I somewhat followed the fnv fear and loathing but using the fallout mod manager and skipping difficult mods like fnv redisigned and such.

I deciced to install wasteland flora overhaul dead version,

Now my question is if i use the rock textures from ncm i will have to install the ncm lod and not the poco bueno as in the guide,right?

Also the landscape that pops out when you get closer is due to the game machine limitations? It doesnt happen in the step modded skyrim

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