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DDSOpt Crashing on _wl_glass_n

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Running DDSOpt on the Entire SR:LE crashes on




in the


The Armory of Skyrim





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It isn't clear from your comment how are you using DDSopt. DDSopt is designed on use on individual mods or collections of individual mods, not on all the textures in the Data\textures folder or on all the mods in the Mod Organizer\mods directory in a single pass.

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You are not suppose to run DDSOpt on the entire SR:LE. Use it only where instructed or you are asking for trouble especially with NPC textures among others. The file in question belongs to Wearable Lanterns.

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Thank you both for your replies. I understand that I am not supposed to run DDSOpt on all the files.


However, one of the main "methods" discussed on a number of "troubleshooting" sites is to reduce texture size using either DDSOpt or Optimizer Textures on the entire textures directory.


I will report the failing texture on the Wearable Lantern page as well as on the DDSOpt page, although I suspect that both are no longer in development.


I just wanted to post this here in case someone else in the future had an issue, not to actually get any assistance or troubleshooting. I should have been more clear about that in my post, and I apologise for the confusion.



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And... I meant to put this in the DDSOpt forum. I apologize, I'm a moron.


Can a mod please move this to the correct forum? Thanks.

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Even if I move the posts to the DDSopt Troubleshooting forum some posts will remain here. I'll answer the question in a new thread on the DDSopt Troubleshooting forum.

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