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Does MO have same issue with loading to many BSAs that FNV/FO3 has?


Tannin is looking into the BSA loading problem that MO has had with FNV/FO3. He needs to know if if Oblivion exhibits the same behavior.


Steps to produce the error:

  1. Install mods with BSAs that's name matches the plugin ex: SomeMod.bsa and SomeMod.esp/esm
  2. Do this one by one until the game will not even start.
  3. Change the name of one of the BSAs from SomeMod.bsa to SomeMod - something something.bsa and see if the game loads.

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    • By Vermithraxxx
      My current understanding is BSAs will load when their esp is loaded.  i don't know where that will be exactly until at least LOOT sorts things and maybe I need to adjust further.  Given the plugin LO may settle into an order that gives me asset LO i don't want I may to extract the BSA after the mod is installed.  Is that possible?  Or do I need to reinstall the mod and click on the extract option.
    • By godescalcus
      When you install couriers stash integration and then move its esp to optionals, and install the WMX compatible one instead, you'll end up with two files:
      Integration - Couriers Stash.bsa
      Integration - Couriers Stash+WMX.esp
      Am I wrong to assume that this will cause the .bsa to be ignored by the game engine? It needs to have the same name as some plugin for the game to load it. So the WMX compatible plugin has to be renamed to have the same name as the original: Integration - Couriers Stash.esp
      In mod organizer you need to load the original mod and the compatible esp as two separate mods, move the original esp to the optionals tab, then rename the compatible esp in the second mod to have the same name as the original.
    • By aka_sektor
      I have one problem with Mod Organizer.
      I create retexture many original textures and pack their (with FOMM/BSA creator) to .bsa archive. After I create folder with name "Data", and place my "new.bsa" there.
      Later I pack all (folder with file) to 7-zip archive and setup mod with Mod Organizer. After I activate "new.bsa" in tab "Archives".
      I start the game... and no any changes.
      My question: why this happen and how is fix?
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