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Problem with downloading mods from Nexus using MO


Hi to everyone! I'm new here, and after a ong break I 've decided to return to world of Skyrim. I'm trying to enhance my experience, so I downloaded, installed MO and try to use it to download mods from nexus. I've got premium account, and integrated MO with nexus properly, associated it with "download with manager" links but when i go to nexus and click on download with manager i got a blank page with cannot display page message. Anyone get similar problem, or I'm doing something wrong? 

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What version of Mod Organizer are you using? What browser are you using?

Of course you could always just download the mod using manual download through the browser using your premium server and direct the download to your Mod Organizer's download folder then from within MO click the downloads pane and wherever there is a message click query information.

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    • By AmazingMikeyFTW
      Just looking for advice, here's the thing, I'm new to all this modding business, I recently by pure accident somehow deleted all my Skyrim in mods on my Xbox One S, I have no idea what I did but it was by pure accident, really upset as I had some rare mods that are no longer available on the Xbox One.
      So I was trying to find out if there is any way I could download some sort of 'File Manager' or 'File Explorer' and remove my Xbox One Hard drive and try to find these deleted mods on my hard drive, even though I have no clue as to what I'd be looking for, but I'd give it a go.
      And then try to either find the deleted mods and copy or transfer them back into the Skyrim mod folder and some how save the mods back in the original place and then put the Xbox One hard drive back into the Xbox to see if it would work.
      As much like a PC when you delete files and you delete them from the recycle bin, the deleted files or photos are still technically saved somewhere in the PC, they aren't totally deleted, so surely it would be similar situation with the Xbox files, maybe.
      I'm will to give anything a shot at this point as all I want to do is get the mods back somehow, I'd be more than gratefully for that as I can't afford a gaming pc because all my money goes to looking after my ill partner, so I have no money, that's why I have to rely on my Xbox One for all these unusual and unique mods if and when they drop.
      I would be grateful for any help please,
      Thanks, Mickey.
    • By BiRaitBec
      This is just a import from the official Nexus Site mod page. All text bugs and issues will be fixed with the time being.  This Mod List and Load Order Guide is the fully detailed and explained process to achieve a Great Fallout 4 Modding experience at smooth fps and close to Bethesda's Fallout 4 Game Idea.
      {-The Most Complete, Performance Friendly and Endorsed for Fallout 4-}

      Click on the VOTE button near the Endorse one

       - This would be a great achievement after months of daily updating this project, and since we reached a great overhaul, i'd really like that more people at least try this.


       - Fallout 4 
       - All Dlcs (NO HD TEXTURE PACK) - To disable that HD Pack you just need to untick it from the steam library page, where all downloaded contents are displayed. It gives no balance between quality/performance. They are not such great textures to excuse such performance loss
      Lets make a scheme:
      Vanilla textures: 7/10 quality and 5/10 performance  - HD official pack= 7.7 and 3 - Texture Mods= 6.9 and 8
       - A Beginning Knowledge of Nexus Site, Mod Organizer/Nexus Mod Manager, Personal Folders Directories and Modding.


      1) Modlist is in Order, Loot can be used only to make it sort masters (esm), plugins (esp) must stay in this order.

      2) Overwrite Everything. if i don't say different.

      3) Green Mods are a Must Have or Highly Recommended Mods that i want you to install if you follow this modlist. 

      4) Orange Mods are Optional Recommended but that people can skip freely to enhance performance, stability or to play an intended way.

      5) Do Not Install Everything! This Modlist is not meant to be installed All, start with Green mods if you don't know how much you can handle, and then if your performance stay high you can start with easy Orange mods, 1 or 2 per step, you can install more settlements mods over clothes mods and so on, more clothes over weapons. If you have a great pc system then try to install more. I Never Recommend to go over the 150 plugins, better around 130 or less.

      6) Read the Official Mods Description to know how a mod works in-game, leave an endorsment to that mod if you loved it and donate that author if you can or want.

      7) If you see not text near a mod then you just have to install the main file only, of your preference if there are more.

      8) This Mod-List is tested and meant to be played on Survival Difficult. It may be unbalanced in Others.

      9) Test the modlist each 2 steps to see if it's working. I recommend you to install my clean saves file, but they are meant only for graphic and performance preview.

      10) If you have doubts or you are not sure what you doing, Just Ask, its better to improve modding knowledge and to avoid useless mistakes.

      11) If your Comments are deleted, it means you are not under the Rules, see Sticky Post!

      STEP 0: Tools and Optimization

      STEP 1: Textures Optimization

      STEP 2: Base Mods


      STEP 3: User Interface

      STEP 4: Audio


      STEP 5: Gameplay

      STEP 6: Player & Npcs

      STEP 7: Clothes & Accessories

      STEP 8: Factions

      STEP 9: Weapons & Gadgets

      STEP 10: Animations

      STEP 11: Visual Improvements

      STEP 12: Settlements

      STEP 13: Environment

       Radrose Usability Enhancement - Download the main file and install it. During installer Just click next till end.

      STEP 14: ENB & Graphic 

      STEP 15: Last Optimization

      Use this section only if you still suffer performance or you want more fps


      Leave an Endorsement to these mods and kudos to authors.
      They kindly shared their work to make installation process easier and faster for all.

       Optimized Textures - Repack:
       - Westeland 512 Textures Reloaded by darthanimal
       - Optimized Vanilla Textures by MysticalFlare

       Various Textures - Repack:
       - Vivid Fallout Landscapes - Trees - Roads and Bridges - Rocks by Hein84
       - Vault 111 Exit 2K Retexture by shyzofreny
       - Wasteland Creatures Redone by DOOMBASED and stabcops
       - Bottles Labels Overhaul, Grey Tortoise Cigarette Overhaul by BlastoLho
       - Rusty Fridge Retexture by CorenseWolf
       - Less shitty industrial wall lights by Ablaze666
      ​ - Black vertibird by akalor
       - All Weapons HD, Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w
      ​ - More Realistic Pipe Weapons by AlexSlesh
       - Tapeless Hunting Rifle Stock by Rakul
       - Assault Rifle Retexture AR-51 by DeviousMeth0ds
       - Improved holotapes, Improved Road Signs, HD Item Retextures, Improved Flags, by ClearanceClarence
       - Suitcase Texture Replacer by wscottling and OpusGames 
       - Pool Table HD, Monkey Trap HD, Camo Trapper Armor by mm137
       - Proto VaultSuit by nitronizer
       - Combat Armor Retexture by Leyr  (As of perms tab in this mod i can include it since there's no money gain, if you want it removed PM me)
       - Ammo Retexture by jorhadoq

      ENB by Boris Vorontsov
      MasterEffect and DOF by Marty McFly
    • By FlameNoir
      So, I know there is a MO2 subforum, but the rules said it was only for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4, neither of which are relevant to me. I am using MO2 (or TRYING TO) for Skyrim legendary edition, so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post there.
      Anyway I have done lots of research and either the fixes I found in other threads are not working, or I am too much of a neophyte and I am not applying them properly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MO1 Legacy and MO2 multiple times to no avail, I have attempted to use nxmhandler.exe multiple times in various different ways, I have clicked and dragged mods and folders to different directories. No matter what I do, every time I try to "download with manager," I get a red-circle-with-x windows error popup that says no program is associated with the file type. I tried to go into the settings in MO2 and click the little rectangle that says "Associate with 'Download with Manager' links," but then when I open up settings again, the box is not clicked! And, of course, clicking it has no result in terms of downloading.

      Now, I am aware that I can manually download mods and drag-and-drop them into the mods folder in the MO2 directory. Ignoring the fact that this is rather inconvenient, this issue has now become a serious bother to me. I am somewhat neurotic and obsessive and I am greatly upset that I cannot get this program to work properly, especially since I installed it on my potato school laptop and IT WORKED PERFECTLY. I feel like I'm trying to solve a rubiks cube in the dark, and it is zapping my neurons.
      It may be relevant that I used the old version (not legacy, I am referring to the pre-legacy version 1.3.something) of MO for a very long time. Upon discovering that I could no longer "download with manager," I decided to upgrade to MO2, but this proved to be more challenging than I anticipated; it's quite possible that my current issue is a result of a mistake when I originally tried to install it. I should have just downloaded the 7zip version, but noooo, I had to pick the installer... as I said before, I may be retarded, but please, anyone who can help me with this, I would really appreciate it.
      When I tried to use nxmhandler.exe, I was quite confused; I successfully associated it with the relevant game (I think; is SkyrimSE supposed to mean Special Edition or Script Extender?), but at the bottom it says "Primary Handler: E:\ModOrganizer\Mod Organizer\nxmhandler.exe," which is NOT the correct directory. My whole Mod Organizer folder is located in Documents in my C: drive (I did this because a thread I saw on this site suggested not installing it anywhere near skyrim or program files), yet nxmhandler.exe will not let me change this? I even tried MAKING a directory that agreed with the listed location, and I copy-pasted nxmhandler.exe into it, but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything.
      Thanks for any help. -FlameNoir

      TL;DR the new EU legislation ruined my life /s
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