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Found 21 results

  1. Mod Source: BethINI by DoubleYou Wiki Link BethINI STEP Wiki Link BethINI (pronounced "Bethany") is an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda. It currently supports Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. It arose out of my research into the Skyrim INI files over on STEP. Why You Need This There are many advantages to using BethINI: 1. It automatically reorders your INI files into a sensible order, making them much easier to navigate for manual tweaking. 2. It automatically fixes common errors, including some that can cause CTDs. 3. It automatically detects mods you have installed and makes changes recommended by the mod authors where deemed appropriate. If your mod or a mod you know of requires such support, please contact me, as this is the easiest thing in the world to implement. 4. It's presets are superior in graphical fidelity and performance (95% of the time) to the official presets one can create via the game launcher. 5. It allows for the modification of more settings than is accessible via native game settings, and provides explanation for each setting and what it does. 6. It automatically backs up your INI files. 7. For Skyrim, it automatically configures the Creation Kit to support multiple masters and any installed DLC, if enabled. TL;DR BethINI fixes your INI files and lets you tweak your INI files to improve performance and quality. Installation: BethINI is a portable application. You can run it anywhere. Simply extract and run. Do NOT run through Mod Organizer! Recommended usage: 1. Please do not delete your INI files prior to running this! 2. Run BethINI 3. Mod Organizer users should go to the Setup tab and select the profile they wish to use via the ''INI Path'' setting. Your profiles should be autodetected. It is highly recommended to close Mod Organizer if open. 4. Click Default. This will refresh your INI files to the default state. 5. Original Skyrim ENB users should tick the ''ENB Mode'' checkbox. This does not apply to users who ONLY use the ENBoost portion of ENB. This should be autodetected, so if you are unsure, leave this alone! 6. Click your desired preset. 7. Tick the ''Recommended Tweaks'' checkbox to apply tweaks recommended for all users. 8. Click the Save and Exit button. Testimonials FAQ Q: The program will not load. The cursor spins, but the program does not load and the process is not created. A: Add BethINI.exe to your antivirus exclusion list. Q: Virus! A: False positive. See the VirusTotal report. Q: Should I delete my INI files before running this? A: No! Indeed, it is likely the game launcher shall kill your INI files if you do this! Q: Why is my savegame crashing? A: Not all INI settings can be changed mid-game (e.g., uGridsToLoad). If you used some bad INI tweaks (e.g., Ewi's INIs) on a save, they can cause your save not to work with good INIs. Either copy some of the problematic lines back into your INI, stick the old INIs back, or start a new game. Q: Does it work with ENB? A: Yes! Skyrim users can simply tick the ENB Mode checkbox (should be autodetected) to ensure that all necessary tweaks are applied. ENB users of other games may need to check to make sure that they haven't accidentally disabled any necessary settings (as I currently don't know what settings are necessary for the other games, as I haven't used them. Sorry.) Q: If I use ONLY the ENBoost part of ENB, do I need to tick the ENB Mode checkbox? A: No. Again, this should be autodetected. Q: I get an error when I start the game that says, "failed to initialize renderer." A: Your screen resolution is incorrect. Please change your resolution to one that your monitor supports. Custom resolutions can be manually typed into the Resolution box. Q: I want to go back to the way my INIs were before I used BethINI. Is that possible? A: Simply go to the setup tab and select "Before BethINI" in the "Restore Backup" dropdown.
  2. I played Skyrim SE mostly in German, but I want to chnage it into English, because it's easier to play without translation and i can use more mods. I already changed my langauge in steam, but there is still half of the game in English. Any help apreciated
  3. 08:39:49.183: Distant Object Detail Level 4 has been set to 14336. 08:39:49.202: Distant Object Detail Level 16 has been set to 83232. 08:39:49.220: Landscape LOD multiplier has been set to 0.750. 08:39:49.225: Distant Object Detail Level 32 has been set to 161232. 08:39:49.229: Distant Object Detail Level 8 has been set to 27876. 08:39:49.233: Distant Object Detail has been set to Ultra Quality. 08:39:56.270: Distant Object Detail has been set to High Quality. 08:39:56.280: Distant Object Detail Level 4 has been set to 14336. 08:39:56.292: Distant Object Detail Level 16 has been set to 83232. 08:39:56.310: Landscape LOD multiplier has been set to 0.750. 08:39:56.315: Distant Object Detail Level 32 has been set to 161232. 08:39:56.327: Distant Object Detail Level 8 has been set to 27876. 08:39:58.137: Distant Object Detail has been set to Medium Quality. 08:39:58.156: Distant Object Detail Level 8 has been set to 27876. 08:39:58.166: Distant Object Detail Level 16 has been set to 83232. 08:39:58.184: Landscape LOD multiplier has been set to 0.750. 08:39:58.189: Distant Object Detail Level 32 has been set to 161232. 08:39:58.194: Distant Object Detail Level 4 has been set to 14336. 08:40:00.031: Distant Object Detail has been set to Low Quality. 08:40:00.042: Distant Object Detail Level 4 has been set to 14336. 08:40:00.060: Distant Object Detail Level 16 has been set to 83232. 08:40:00.078: Landscape LOD multiplier has been set to 0.750. 08:40:00.083: Distant Object Detail Level 32 has been set to 161232. 08:40:00.088: Distant Object Detail Level 8 has been set to 27876. Note how setting it to that setting doesn't change anything about the Values set, also on the GUI the setting is INSTANTLY reverted to "low" so despite selecting "ultra" I visually get the selection "Low" again, and nothing has changed.
  4. Hi I would like to try BethINI but as I am using Skyrim VR and A Sharper Eye (A lightweight reshade preset for VR) I am worried that it might break my setup. I can't find anything specific about using it with VR or with Reshade and just wondered if anyone had tried this with a similar setup and what benefits it is likely to produce?
  5. I downloaded BethINI about a month ago, when I was still using Vortex. I set my INI path to "Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition". I am now using MO2 and I just saw a comment on Reddit where someone suggested using BethINI for performance and mentioned they had found they had set it up wrong. So I went looking, and now I see I need to set my INI path to "ModOrganizer>Default". However, when I select the drop-down for INI path, there is no option for that--just "Browse..." I read that BethINI will ask you for an INI path when you first install it, so I deleted BethINI, downloaded it again, and reinstalled it. All my paths were the same as they'd been before. How do I get my INI path to be ModOrganize > Default now?
  6. So I have a couple of questions about and with ini files and what settings can be set in ini files and what can't. I have two examples I'm working with right now: I can set the following in my `SkyrimCustom.ini` file [Camera] fVanityModeMinDist=50 But, when I go into the game and type in the console getini "fVanityModeMinDist:Camera" The result it returns is `185.000`. I have verified that my the ini files I am using are being picked up my MO2. I modified a setting that is already existing in the file and when use `getini` on it in game, the correct modified ini result displays. The `fVanityModeMinDist` value is not represented in any ini files by default. It will only show up in `SkyrimCustom.ini` after I edit it using the custom tab in BethINI. Does this mean, that any values that are not in the vanilla ini files can not be set there? Why would BethINI allow me to do so if this is the case? I am trying to solve some z-fighting issues and am attempting to use the following console command in game: setini "fNearDistance:Display" 13 This results in an error message in the console. I forget what the exact error is, but it's the same one given whenever the parameters are not correct for a command. `fNearDistance:Display` does exist in an ini file, but am I unable to change it through the console in real time? Of course, I am sure that some ini settings must be loaded from the file as the engine initializes, and in that case would not be modifiable dynamically through the console. For the above two issues, is there any way to know which settings are or are not able to be manipulated either from an ini file or the console, or do I just have to pound away to figure it out? Also, in the case of the `fVanityModeMinDist` setting, is there any other way to set it? Thank you.
  7. Hey I am running BethINI on a 3440*1440 Ultrawide and I cant seem to get it configured right. When I open my inventory it isnt showing gold or any of that bottom bar. When I level up the point allocation at the bottom isnt showing up also. Any ideas of how to fix this?
  8. So I just downloaded BethINI for FALLOUT 4, tried tweaking a couple of settings and this popped up as I tried saving and exiting. Tried it a couple more times and still the same message will pop up. ill even simply open BethINI and close it without altering anything and it will still show this message. please help
  9. can't run bethINI.exe, it says " this app can't run on your pc, check with the software publisher" pc specs: windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Processor Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz 2.33 GHz Installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.00 GB usable) System type 32-bit operating system, x64 processor
  10. Hello, Love the tool, having this issue. In SSE, the Screen Space Reflections no longer renders if the Recommended Tweaks cheakbox is ever ticked. Have to revert to old ini or regenerate from scratch. Preset style or level doesn't seem to matter, all that seems to matter is whether recommend tweak checkbox was ticked. Doesn't seem to be tied to any of the obvious values, could be wrong. Still testing. Will update if I find anything. I am running game vanilla through vanilla launcher. I have a few instances of MO but not using them for testing this. Latest BethINI on SSE nexus. Had issue with slightly older version, updated, still occurs. Log attached. Cheers! log.txt
  11. Hello y'all. So I'm using ngio to generate grass lod for dyndolod 3.0. I'm following the step guide. It says to configure the ini using bethini. I'm a bit confused about some of these things. Specifically where to configure bAllowcreategrass, bAllowLoadGrass, BenableGrassfade,f Grassfade range, fgrassmaxstartfadedistance, fgrassmaxstartfadedistance,fgrassstartfade distance. I don't know where to find these. I was able to configure the terrain settings in bethini but not these. Plus I already precached grass using different bethini settings, do I need to precache grass again every time I change the ini settings? So should I precache grass again to the step guide? Or can I just change the relevant ini settings and run dyndolod over? Thanks.
  12. OK, so I haven't messed around with this mod in about a year because this happened last time I tried to use it. For some reason, and I'm not saying it's BethINI's fault, but for the second time after downloading the mod and running through the quick steps to set it up, I am unable to adjust the settings in the display menu of the system menu in game. I can't adjust those settings in BethINI either. I can't exactly tell if this issue is affecting all settings, but it's blatantly clear when the draw distance settings are all the way up with DynDOLOD and XLODGen. I have a very good system but it can't handle Ultra fade settings when everything else is cranked to high in 4K with 4K textures and the mods mentioned above as well as an ENB. Please help me. I just reinstalled the game and all mods and it still didn't work.
  13. Hi, I followed the STEP FNV guide and everytime i try to do a change with Bethini, everything goes well but none of my settings are saved in Fallout.ini, Falloutpref.ini, Falloutcustom.ini and custom.ini Exemple: iMaxAnisotropy=8, iMultiSample=0, and object fade, actor fade and items fade are not actually saving. Is it something that i done wrong?
  14. DoubleYou

    Bethini Pie

    A New Paradigm - A New Name BethINI is changing to Bethini Pie. BethINI was originally designed for the optimization of Bethesda game INI configuration files, and left virtually no room for growth into other games. Bethini Pie completely redefines the application, as it intends to become a configuration editor capable of modifying the configuration settings of any game that utilizes INI files. While out-of-the-box support for any and all games is not currently intended, it provides the ability to add support for any game through the careful assembly of specially designed JSON files. It may be designed in the future to work with any INI file with limited capabilities, although at this time, such is not the case. The name change reflects this new paradigm. The addition of "Pie" has multiple connotations. For one, Bethini Pie is written in Python, so "Pie" is a subtle reference to the change in programming language. Additionally, "Pie" doubles as an acronym describing the intended function of the application as a Performance INI Editor. Hence, Bethini Pie - Performance INI Editor. This adds a search engine optimization tweak to the name, so that if a user is looking for increased "performance," or "INI" tweaks, or an "INI Editor", they have a far better chance of finding "Bethini Pie - Performance INI Editor" within their search. Currently, most people find BethINI despite its name. It is hoped that this addition helps people find it more easily. Development Bethini Pie is written in Python and is currently in active development. It is at an early beta level currently and is only working with Skyrim Special Edition at this point. Be advised that major changes are still being implemented. The GitHub repository is located here: https://github.com/DoubleYouC/Bethini-Pie-Performance-INI-Editor Release Info Bethini Pie has not been released as a standalone compiled application at this point. It can be used in its current beta state simply by downloading the source code and running the main Bethini.pyw file with the latest version of Python. You'll also need to pip install the simpleeval module. Use at your own risk! This app is still in beta and there are bugs! Licensing CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Themes Bethini Pie supports a number of different theme customizations, including the ability to change font, colors, and even the pictures used on tabs. Multiple themes are already included as examples. All of these can be changed, minus the tab pictures, via the Preferences window (Menubar -> Edit -> Preferences). Tab pictures will correspond with the name of the tab, and are stored in the themes\<Theme-Name> directory. It is not configured to show theme changes until restart at this point in time. Images
  15. I must be blind but I see no setting to Disable Sun Direction. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/162508-weird-shadow-bug-causing-the-lighting-to-cut-in-and-out/#comment-3632990 Someone describes it here but I don't see the setting.
  16. Hi there im new to modding ive been working on this for about two days, everytime i try to download BethINI Standalone below the name it says Failed - Download error or Failed - Network error. I have tried to use other browsers to download it and when i used firefox it said something along the lines of "cannot find BethINI Standalone Version-4875-3-5-1593829244.zip" the only thing i can think of that messed this all up is me deleting BethINI, i deleted BethINI before i downloaded wabbajack because someone reccomended to delete all mods before using it. could anyone help?
  17. Hi guys, this is a small bug report. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition seems to have a new setting in SkyrimPrefs.ini. Upon changing the settings with BethINI 3.5, it will always try to make the following change: [General] bFreebiesSeen was removed due to it being an invalid setting (not recognized by the game). I don't know what this setting does, but I guess it would be better to leave it alone by default.
  18. Can I use BethINI for Skyrim SE with Vortex? Or is it made exclusively for MO2?
  19. Hi DoubleYou, I was wondering if you could add support for Enderal Special Edition? Namely, the Steam edition which uses different path names and config file names. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello I have a question, need a bit of help please. Does Bethini know how to read the information in custom.ini that is supposed to overwrite the prefs and fallout4.ini? Or it uses only the fallout4.ini and fallout4prefs.ini? Thank you
  21. Hello there, First, just a quick note: forum link in the readme doesn't work, appears to direct to a non-existent page. Ok, now the questions: the ultra preset auto-selects vsync, is this intended? Second, the "recommended tweaks" button doesn't stay checked if you relaunch. I'm assuming this is not a problem, maybe that check box is a one-time thing, but it never hurts to check! I see other settings like actor fade are persistent, so I'm thinking everything is ok.
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