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Vacuity (by shadeMe)


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  • 4 weeks later...

This mod do not work well with Enhanced Economic (container tweaks) and it's already included as tweak in HUD Status bar:

; ==== Empty container check. Note that this will not work correctly if using Enhanced Economy which adds invisible tokens in containers
set tnoHSB.hud_visible to sv_Construct "IsContainer && (tnoHSB.val==0)" ; Visible if empty container
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct "HUDcolorYellow"
set tnoHSB.hud_type to HUDtxtNoBar
set tnoHSB.hud_ref to sv_Construct "GetCrosshairRef"
set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct "GetNumItems"
set tnoHSB.hud_name to sv_Construct "- Empty -"
set tnoHSB.hud_textDisplay to HUDtxtNoValue
set tnoHSB.hud_textPos_x to HUDtxtCenter
set tnoHSB.hud_x to HUDnameCenter ; Centered just below the name of the container
set tnoHSB.hud_y to HUDnameBelow
SetStage tnoHSB 10
I removed it from my load list (one ESP less).
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Yes I have this mod in my load list and I tweaked it ti "T" like Skyrim. Work great.
In fact I have been collecting a bunch of mods enhancements to Oblivion these last two weeks.
I can give you the list.

Seriously Oblivion is a great game and have a better environment than Skyrim.
Wrye Bash is THE TOOL for Oblivion and his features are way advanced in Oblivion than Skyrim. 

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Will do.
I was busy yesterday by doing a lot of tests (some of them required me to re-install a whole fresh oblivion).
Your Oblivion Guide is great and helped me a lot, but I found a lot of bugs/incompatibilities in some mods you listed there.
I go for the "Mythic Down" name, it's more appealing.

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Im aware of some incompatibilities between mods but they should be harmless... that being said let me know over in the sub forum because this discussion not longer is directly connected to Vacuity as a mod.


As for the name, its kinda stuck until there is one that I find to be significantly more appealing than the current one.

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