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SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K and 2K - Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes (by fadingsignal)

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Very nice! I wish some mods would trickle down to classic skyrim.


True, I'm holding to play SE, but I'm looking for mods to have a decent build when I start my playtrough. But now I'm really starting to lose hope on SKSE64, it's been so long already and the info we got is nothing but discouraging, I'm thinking of going back to Classic, but I'm in a crossroad now, I don't know which will bother me the most, constant CTDs, long loadscreens and stutters when loading cells, or not having hotkeys and widgets.

Anyway, another good thing about Tempered Skins is the mod author also made a female counterpart, which is really cool because it keeps the consistency of skins across gender (usually, if you mix match skins you end up having females with very pale skin and males with a more redish or dark tone)

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