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  1. Hi, Hackfield here! First and foremost, thank you for accepting my mod, it's a huge honor to have a place in the list that taught me how to mod my game back in 2013. Second, a couple of news: I'll soon release version 0.9 of the mod, including the ability to set Confidence and Aggressiveness of owned horses in the MCM (defaults will be Cautious and Unaggressive, just like in vanilla) Also, in version 0.9, I'll be finally adding the ability for horses to equip given saddles. Nothing fancy tho, horses will equip the last saddle you place in their inventory, kinda like what followers do if you give them a better gear than what they have. This feature will require Keyword Item Distributor and Papyrus Extender to work, however, they're completely optional, in the case someone is not interested in saddles, they can just skip these two requirements and the mod will work as usual. I'm always open to feedback and suggestions, and thanks again for considering my little mod.
  2. Sorry to break here, but I feel this might be interesting, specially in a big guide like this one https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/ag4wm7/psa_the_reference_handle_cap_or_diagnosing_one_of/
  3. This is a known issue with kryptopyr's Stealth Skills Rebalanced Pertinent Post: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4588-helmet-in-characted-creation/?p=77047 I believe there is some conflict between scripts that run at the start of the game, probably the one that gives the player the prisoner outfit.
  4. True, I'm holding to play SE, but I'm looking for mods to have a decent build when I start my playtrough. But now I'm really starting to lose hope on SKSE64, it's been so long already and the info we got is nothing but discouraging, I'm thinking of going back to Classic, but I'm in a crossroad now, I don't know which will bother me the most, constant CTDs, long loadscreens and stutters when loading cells, or not having hotkeys and widgets. Anyway, another good thing about Tempered Skins is the mod author also made a female counterpart, which is really cool because it keeps the consistency of skins across gender (usually, if you mix match skins you end up having females with very pale skin and males with a more redish or dark tone)
  5. For SSE I suggest Tempered Skins for Males, it has several options to make males look more realistic and not like j-pop idols.
  6. In my case, I use both CK and xEdit at the same time. For some reason, there is no option in the CK to only see what the plugin modifies.So I use xEdit to modify most things and have an overall view of my plugin. Then I use the CK to add/edit things that I can't in xEdit (quests/scripts/etc).That's why I often open the CK several times in a short period. As for the warnings, the base game warning are so many that if my plugin has a issue, the message will be lost in the myriad of warnings, I'll probably find the issue myself before realise the CK shoots me a warning.
  7. Another really useful line for the CK, specially for those who open the CK multiple times an hour. [Messages] bBlockMessageBoxes=1It disables the warnings when you opened the CK
  8. I'm looking at those ini settings. I don't know if I get this right but, all those AO, Bloom, Lensflare and Tonemapping settings, does it mean that by editing those setting we can create something like a reshade without a third party application, just sharing ini settings?
  9. Dear friend, you just crushed my heart :'( I'm using them without problem, bijin npcs, warmaidens, wifes, seranaholic + valerica and toccata as elisif, all working fine. The ordinary women works fine too, if you're wondering
  10. I'm using all Bijin replacers and so far they work OK in SSE.
  11. I'm also waiting for kryptopyr's, did she said anything about porting her stuff? I really miss Disparity. I also noticed she changed her username here, is she gone?
  12. It's been awhile since I played the original Skyrim, but didn't caps lock toggle walk/run, same as keeping shift pressed?
  13. I concur with everything you said, I already replaced some texture (Rustic Clothing, can't play without it anymore) Also, alt toggling sprint is new, it's the default behavior in Fallout 4, and I personally like it, since keeping alt to sprint and pressing spacebar to jump at the same time was a challenge :P
  14. I saw you talking about DEF_UI, so, shameless plug here, I made a compact DEF_UI preset, it's mainly for endgame and it works great on FROST. Compact HUD - DEF_UI Preset Since iHud is not at its full potential, I made this preset in a way that can be immersive without using iHud (i.e. if you are healthy and not in combat, your screen should be clean)
  15. Unlimited Survival Activations is unfortunatly outdated, since the pacth, which introduced a new mainmenu.swf Survival Menu Save Enable is updated to the latest version.
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