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suddenly Mod Organizer has (incorrect and unwanted) mod folders / categories



So I wanted to play some Skyrim, and when I load up Mod Organizer, there are suddenly all sorts of folders/categories, many of which don't make sense and all of which aren't wanted. (left-pane mod list, not esp right-pane esp list)


One clean, logical example is this: https://puu.sh/bJSKZ/e6f76d9b78.png

Simply all the Skyrim HD 2k textures in a folder.

However, most of the folders/categories are very messed up: https://puu.sh/bJU0v/2b05ce00df.png

This folder is named for a single hair mod I have installed, but it has most of my mod list in it, including mods that were not activated.


In any case, none of them are wanted. The load order of my mods is completely messed up, and since many of them have loose files which overwrite one another, I cannot rely on the esp load order. I am not only concerned that loading Skyrim now would not work, but would damage skyrim's files, my files, or my saves, since I have a lot of complex, SKSE, or otherwise sensitive mods.


To be clear, I have no idea where these came from, or what I can do to remove them. They do not seem to be real MO "categories" that can be managed in "settings". I can visually drag mods out of these groups, but as soon as I let go of the left mouse button, the mod or mods I was dragging pop right back to where they were. Right-clicking anywhere in the list does not reveal anything, and the Mod Organizer built in "categories" were not being used at all, and removing them did nothing.


There are mods in different folders that were previously loaded consecutively, and vice versa, and I have found no way to reorganize them across folders, much less remove these pointless folders completely, which I would like to do. Basically I had one long list of carefully ordered mods, and I would like to return to that.


Additional information which might be useful:

  • I use SKSE, ENB, SPM, FNIS....
  • I create/fabricate many of my own mods, but have never had any issues.
  • The actual "mods" folder inside the MO install is unaffected.
  • There has been no change to what mods I was using before and after the folderpocalypse.
  • I do not use Mod Organizer profiles (default 100% of the time).
  • I sort my mods with LOOT (this is a completely separate thing but might be worth noting).
  • No amount of messing with the MO interface let me move mods into or out of these folders.
  • The mod priority and folder contents almost do not reflect my original priority at all.
  • I have deleted all the built-on but unused MO "categories".
  • I could not find anything on the internet anywhere. Spent more than an hour trying. Sorry if I missed something.
  • I am very frustrated. So, though I will try to focus on the task at hand, I might be a little impatient. Please forgive me.
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You have the pane sorted by Categories. Go to the bottom of the pane and from the drop down select "No Groups".

Well, that, that was it. I'd like to know why enabling that (I must have, somehow accidentally) completely screwed my load order, but aside from that, I can now manage them again! Thank you very much, especially for the quick reply.

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