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Lighting Placement Fix


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This mod sets out to fix inaccurate light sources. I tried it out and while it does exactly what it says it does, I'm not entirely sold on it yet. It certainly makes lighting more accurate, but I feel that it makes places a bit less atmospheric. You can see what I'm talking about in the Markath before/after images on the mod page. I think that's probably an extreme example, but it definitely felt brighter as I was walking around Markath/Whiterun. I'm assuming that Bethesda went around and dimmed/brightened/moved light sources away from where they should be coming from in order to create a more atmospheric environment, so this mod might do more harm than good. Needs more testing!

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I'm guessing More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fixed does a better job, however this mod might be a good bandaid if the next version of STEP includes a mod that is incompatible with MDS (like CoT and stuff). MDS will be included with RLwC 4.0 I believe, and I'm pretty sure STEP is not going back to RLwC so we may end up having to find an alternative like this.


Edit: Also, this mod is under consideration for STEP's Post Processing Pack

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