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Vibrant ENB


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I must say you guys did a really good job on this, however it's just a little too fake looking for my tastes. especially the bright red blood. but I understand the goal is to be "vibrant"


however, this has some of the best bloom I've seen that doesn't overly blur things, so I modified it a bit.


1. disabled SMAA (via enbseries.ini)

2. disabled depth of field (via enbseries.ini, gives me a headache)

3. removed the "vibrant"ness of it by changing the top lines of enbeffect.fx like this:


//use original game processing only, with vanilla bloom

this made it much more to my taste, while still adding a little bit more color and brightness with the fancy shadows.


but this wasn't enough, the nights were still too bright especially with Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One. So I tried RCRN's shader/texture files and they work perfectly! (i.e. rcrnshaders.esp and textures\ folder). I didn't use RCRN's d3d9.dll via ENB proxy since it made things way too dark and contrasty.


here's a comparison of nights without/with RCRN


Posted ImagePosted Image


Edit: however, I still get about a 10fps performance hit with this ENB even with the "High Performance" settings, none of them really change my framerate at all. but it's definitely worth it.

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@LeetMiniWheat: That's one of the great things about a standalone version is that you can add whatever image space modifiers with it to create your own look that suits your tastes better. And the no shaders version is a little less saturated. But we named it Vibrant for a reason. We looove colors!


And what are you using for blood textures? Enhanced Blood has a darker version that looks really good with ENB and isn't at all bright.


As far as performance, the High Performance version still has all of the effects applied so there will still be an fps hit with it. But you can also disable Detailed Shadows, DOF, and/or SSAO for a big fps boost. Especially SSAO.


All of these are very simple to enable or disable. Sounds like you already know how to do all this but I will post it here for others who might want to know.


Simply go to the enbseries ini and change the values from true to false to disable any fps intensive effects.













Quick and easy fps boost. At the loss of some quality of course.

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Sorry I know you have better things to do than to help with non-standard configs, and this is probably getting off-topic. I really love what you guys did to the bloom and stuff, no other ENB has done it so tastefully and that's why i really want to use it while still keeping a vanilla color base.




shaders version had the contrast/brightness boost I was looking for, and the no-shaders version had a much higher performance hit for some reason.


all of those INI settings combined only raised my fps by about 3-5 (looking like cr@p of course), making this still about a 5-7 fps hit. and even the High Quality INI doesn't incur much of a hit over default-quality, so my GPU's have a strange bottleneck somewhere... there must be something else in the effects/injector files doing something.


what else would be using so much resources even with ENB_FLIPTECHNIQUE enabled? my other ENB only incurs a 2 fps hit, but it doesn't have the nice bloom and contrast yours has. could the enbeffect.fx still be processing in the background even though it's not being used?


I basically just want the slight contrast boost with a VERY mild bloom and minuscule color boost without too much oversaturation or haziness/blurriness.


Thanks and keep up the great work :D and don't feel obligated to reply since this is very off-topic and I'm sure you guys have a lot of work to do still.


Edit: also, I notice everything looks kinda "shinny" like it's made of plastic. animal fur and hairs for example, and skins look oiled down or sweaty. I'm guessing that's the bloom?

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Sorry I'm just seeing this. Been insanely busy lately. I suggest giving the new 1.1 version a try. This one has the new bloom code additions by Matso and some other things have been improved also. Give this one a shot and let me know what you think. :)

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