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A while ago (last year I think), the SR:LE guide contained recommendations for mods that would benefit from using DDSOPT. These have since been removed (due to the constant updating of the guide), and I was wondering if there was a similar recommendation list that could be used when installing SR? 

I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere, I did a pretty thorough search though ::D: .

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The plan for a long time has been to incorporate the SR:LE mods and mods from other STEP packs into the DDSopt guide section on mods, but this hasn't been finished yet unfortunately. The DDSopt guide does discuss the SR:LE mods that are also in the STEP guide.


Meanwhile, for mods that aren't in the STEP guide what I've been doing is:

- don't optimize mods when the mod author (e.g., Cabal) is known to do sufficient optimization before posting the mod

- optimize mods that have exterior textures (e.g., Falskaar, Wyrnstooth)

- optimize other mods if STEP discussion of the mod suggests optimization is useful, or if the mod has texture sizes larger than can be used in your system.


I've also done optimization of selected mods that have body-related textures but determining when to optimize or not and what parameters to use is harder than for other texture categories.


If there are some specific mods of interest (especially mods with body-related textures), provide a list and we'll see if we can answer the question.

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