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Nvidia Control Panel doesn't recognize tesv.exe through MO [solved]


I saw another thread with this issue, but its last post was in January, so I made another one.


The issue is that when I run Skyrim through Mod Organizer, settings in the Nvidia Control Panel do not apply/cannot recognize the game.

The settings that I need applied can't be done through the game (max pre-rendered frames, triple buffering etc.).


If I run the game normally without Mod Organizer, the game is recognized and the settings are applied.

I've tried adding both skse.exe and ModOrganizer.exe to the list of applications via Nvidia Inspector, but it's still not working.


I was wondering if there's any workaround for this so the game can be recognized by Nvidia Control Panel.


Thanks in advance.




Managed to get it working by switching the load mechanism to Script Extender.

Ambient occlusion still doesn't work inside, but at least it works outside, along with the other changes.

Sorry for taking up space on the forums!  :blush:

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