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  1. I am the user Starac was responding to. I did use photoshop to resize a lot of the textures, and it still looks pretty good. I could tell with the larger meshes (like mountainslab) that the reduced size was lower quality, but it was barely noticeable and still way better than vanilla. I think I reduced all the '4k' textures to '2k' and some of the 2k ones and it gave me a couple hundred mb of VRAM back. I would first try using DDSOpt to reduce the normals by half. I followed the STEP DDSOpt guide for that and it worked out to give some VRAM back with basically no noticeable drop in quality.
  2. This is probably a stupid question, but in one of the newer updates (not sure exactly which one) when in the advanced options menu, I can't select all of the worlds--I have to choose from the list. Does this mean I have to re-run dyndolod for each world (blackreach, tamriel, solthseim, etc)? Is there a way to make it do all of them in one go?
  3. Ya so did i and it made both load quite early. Is that what happened with you? Any issues?
  4. I have STEP core + extended installed and want to install enhanced landscapes as well. Enhanced landscapes conflicts with CRF, but there is a patch. Nevertheless, the instructions for enhanced landscapes claim that it should be a lower priority than CRF in the load order (so CRF overrides it). This seems fine, but the instructions for enhanced landscapes also want it enhanced landscape .esp's to have the highest priority possible (I am guessing for dyndolod to work correctly). This means I either load both EL and CRF with a low priority (basically, just after unofficial high res patch) or load them both at the end of the load order (with essentially the highest priority). How bad would it be to have CRF have such a high priority--I know it is one of those mods that is best loaded early (low priority). I tried asking this question on the EL nexus forum thread but haven't got a response, apologies for how specific this question is!
  5. I already dropped it from my own load order bc the terrible PC shadow ruined any potential immersion benefit. Personally, I don't think that it fits with the "...qualitative consistency of all in-game behaviors and assets" (from the STEP Extended description) because of this.
  6. I just want to second this recommendation. I have been fiddling over z-fighting issues for a few days only to realize that this mod was overriding fNearDistance! It doesn't say that it does this on the mod page, either.
  7. Cool, thanks a lot! Ill try resizing some of them with photoshop.
  8. yes, for most of the textures I couldn't see much of a difference between 4k and 2k. I just tried with dyndolod and SRO and in markarth and the solitude docks the vram jumped to around 3,800mb. I was using 3d tree lod's, so that was a big contributor. Thanks, that makes sense. I only wanted to use it to try to reduce the 4k textures to 2k. I am not experienced with ddsopt, so i just followed the quickstart guide. Is there a better way to do that? ahhhh, i was looking around for the older guide but couldn't find it! thanks, that is where I have it placed now.
  9. Well I'm not sure I need to, I just wanted to see/share what the difference would be. I didn't test it with what will be my full setup bc that would involve running dyndolod a bunch of times and i haven't yet decided what else I will add (newer version of SFO, enhanced landscapes, weather mods, etc). Ya I looked some more and don't know why that mountain texture is so weird. I must have forgotten to deselect another texture mod that was overriding it. The SRO textures are better than most for architecture, clutter, misc, etc textures, but always better when it comes to landscape. The mountainrockslab textures seem to get spread over some big meshes so it is nice that they are so huge. One thing I am not sure about is the snow on the rocks. Does it look correct for the untouched SRO in my screenshots? It sometimes is still fairly blobby and poorly resolved.
  10. I have been testing this out on classic Skyrim with STEP Extended. So far I have just inserted it before all the landscape mods in STEP, so some of the textures are replaced by other mods. I think I might try how it looks just by itself; if it were re-accepted into STEP, which landscape and other texture mods would it replace? here are some benchmarking stats for comparison. I have STEP EXTENDED, but without Dyndolod. I started by "coc whiterun", ran up to the stables, then cow'ed to the mountains to look at rock and snow textures (33,15), then cow'ed to Windhelm because that is one of the more taxing spots for graphics cards (as far as I am aware). The dips are where I used the cow console command. I first tried this with just STEP EXTENDED minus Dyndolod. Then I installed SRO and placed it just before the landscape mods (so some of its textures were being overwritten. Finally, just because there was a discussion about using DDSopt to reduce some of the textures, I followed the ddsopt quick start guide to reduce the textures to maximum of 2K. The third graph is with these SRO textures. It looks like it raises my VRAM usage by a fair amount. I don't have Dyndolod or an ENB running (and I usually like to use the ultra trees option for dyndolod) so im worried that using all sro textures might be too much. The difference between SRO uncleaned and unreduced and the version that I ran through ddsopt wasn't that noticeable except for some of the mountain and rock textures (where the difference was very noticeable). See below for comparison: Edit: fixed image links
  11. Im so sorry, I am an idiot. i was running texgen outside of MO this time, so of course it wasn't looking for my skyrim.ini in my MO profile folder!
  12. Sorry, i forgot to mention that i did double check both of those things. MO has archive management turned off and the respective plugins for the bsa's are activated. What else determines if the bsa's get loaded?
  13. I don't think this is a DynDOLOD problem, but I am not sure where the issue is. When I run TexGen I get the following error: I noticed that it is only loading Skyrim.esm which is the only line in plugins.txt. But oddly that file hadn't been modified since april. Running skyrim from MO works fine and loads all the plugins, but I thought it was supposed to update plugins.txt too (unless i just misunderstand the whole thing).
  14. Ah, I didn't realize that., thanks! I use coc to test Dyndolod usually. I tried the same thing from an alternate start: walked from riverwood to the same place and everything was fine.
  15. I am getting a recurring CTD that I am fairly certain I have traced to the STEP Core Patch.esp. It happens when I 'coc whiterun' from the start menu then run past whiterun sort-of towards bleakwind basin. It happens roughly around grid 0,-2. It also doesn't happen if I approach the area from a completely different direction (e.g. running around the north side of whiterun). I started removing mods and testing and it seems to depend on when STEP Core Patch.esp is activated or not. I say 'seems to' because it would CTD about 80% of the time when STEP Core Patch.esp was enabled and (as far as I can test) 0% of the time when it wasn't enabled. Im not sure what else to do from here bc the patch is necessary for a STEP Core install.
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