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Oblivion and Total Conversion Nehrim


Hello everybody, 

as you might know, it's a bit of a problem to use the Steam version of Oblivion with the total conversion "Nehrim", because the Steam version insists of being started through Steam itself. 


One working solution is to copy Nehrim (which installs into a separate directory copying all of the required Oblivion assets) back into the Original Oblivion directory. Then you have to remove Oblivion.esm from the plugins.txt and add the entries for nehrim.esm and additional Nehrim.esps. That works well enough, but that means that you cannot play Oblivion anymore.


I thought it should be possible to do this with Mod Organizer. So I created a "Nehrim-Mod" by putting all Nehrim files into an archive and adding that to MO. Using a separate profile where just this Mod is activated, I can play Nehrim through MO without affecting the Oblivion installation directory. 


This works quite well with one little quirk: 


It's not possible to remove Oblivion.esm through MO. I can remove it by hand from plugins.txt in the MO profile directory and the game starts fine after I've done that. But I have to do that everytime, since MO keeps adding that entry...


Would it somehow be possible to add a setting that keeps MO from adding the base esm file all the time? I realize that this is only required for Total Conversions, and there arn't so many of those, but nevertheless, it would help in this situation. 


Thanks for listening.

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If you go to settings, workarounds tab and uncheck "Force-enable game files" that will let you deactivate the game core files.

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