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Slofs Sabrecats


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I agree with you skwareballz. With slof putting so much out there you cant help to notice and compare to what we currently got (I use bellyaches pack like you).

So far Slofs horses/unique shadowmere/and the snow leopard sabrecat stand out, but to this date still prefer Bellyaches as a whole and its really convenient with an all-in-one pack and customizable download. The only downside is that Bellyaches mod wont be updated any further...


Just curious what is going to be in the next STEP update, possibly a mix of Bellyaches & Slof's?

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So far their has been no focus on new mods at all, currently cleaning up mod installation instructions, massively improving format and information, and getting rid of any problems or outdated material. We'll see how much gets released at once depending on how the testing goes.


That said you can bet that I'll be pushing for many of my suggestions to be included as appropriate, in base or as an optional pack.

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I suppose that it might be possible to use that texture comparison tool (there's a thread on it here somewhere) to pick and choose the textures you want, it might get tedious and involve trial and error but, idk I'll look into when I have the time.


I'll try it out with slof's horses first then with the white sabercat (I don't like slof's red version as much for some reason)

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