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Hi, I've searched the forum and it appears nobody mentioned this mod: ScenicCarriages




Two Travel Modes - choose in-game between Scenic Travel or Expanded Vanilla (Default)

Scenic Travel - ride in the back of the carriage with option to get out along the way (or sleep)

Expanded Vanilla - expands the original carriage system with drop-off service to most towns/villages (see list below)

Expanded carriage locations - added carriage pick-up service to all the hold capitals

Travel Encumbered - now you can travel the carriage system even while encumbered

Scenic Travel carriage fees and routes are based on location and distance

Switch travel modes in-game, anytime (while not riding!)

Up to three followers can ride with you in the carriage!

quoted from: https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/15094


It looks quite nice and is great for hardcore / roleplayers. Now I can't test it since I forgot to install Skyrim Unplagger and now most of my mods are broken thanks to my forgetfulness and the new patch of course, but maybe someone else can test it and suggest for the next STEP update.

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This mod works pretty good considering the engine it's built on. The physics aren't great for the carts themselves (cart doesn't quite turn enough) and anything in the path of the cart gets thrown back...


So it both adds realism (actually have to make the trip via cart) and a comical side of things (guards and/or enemies get tossed when they get close to the cart).

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