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rain and snow clipping


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gooday ay!


I haven't tried this mod yet because I wanted to rush on over and share this with you all

https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/18651 Rain and Snow Clipping.


This is a very important issue if you want an immersive environment. It is an unforgivable oversite on Bethesdas part. IMO. When completed it will be a major must have addition to S.T.E.P.


:D Live Life "S.T.E.P. by S.T.E.P.

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Right, apparently this mod may cause horrible icky problems with your skyrim, maybe. I have no clue how to mod apart from some basics, but apparently the mod author is manually editing areas around skyrim to achieve the effect. And this manual editing is apparently not a good thing. I would not use it yet and consider it a very early WIP. But i would track it.




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How was this effect achieved in Oblivion? I'm not a modder so I only know that this effect is an important one. If it can be fixed without messing with the main files that's good. Otherwise we better let Bethesda fix it :facepalm:

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I just wanted to  update this thread, and this mod info a bit. As I feel when it is done and done right it will be huge immerssion.  And even though the people that use it are finding bugs they praise the mod inspite of them. I beginning yet another new start  and will use this to see how it works with STEP and mybe help the modder to sort out the bugs. He seem to be a very dedicated person. we like that yah?

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