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Discussion thread:
Mod Organizer Guide by DoubleYou & Step Modifications


This thread is for discussion and improvement of the Mod Organizer Guide on the wiki.



This thread is for discussion of the Mod Organizer Guide, and should NOT be used for support/troubleshooting. Please use the Official Support Forum for support/troubleshooting.

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right clicking a .jar from within the filetree doesn't work properly, it doesn't set up the virtual directories and all. maybe wiki should be changed?


and it seems no combination of java.exe, javaw.exe, or javaws.exe will run a .jar properly. I had to make a .bat file for all my .jar patchers.


(Note: make the .bat files first and drop them in the mod directory before adding the new executable to MO otherwise it won't let you add it)


Title: SkyBash

Binary: C:/skyrim/ModOrganizer/mods/SkyBash 0-12/SkyProc Patchers/SkyBash/SkyBash.bat

Start in: C:\skyrim\ModOrganizer\mods\SkyBash 0-12\SkyProc Patchers\SkyBash






javaw -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar SkyBash.jar



Title: RePerkussion

Binary: C:/skyrim/ModOrganizer/mods/X RePerkussion-Final/RePerkussion/RePerkussion.bat

Start in: C:\skyrim\ModOrganizer\mods\X RePerkussion-Final\RePerkussion






javaw -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar RePerkussion.jar





I made these .bat's from copying ASIS.bat and changing the .jar name.


Edit: also, I uninstalled all 64-bit javas I had installed so it would default to running 32-bit java since MO only supports 32-bit executables

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Also, ASIS seems to throw out an error. I think it's related to how Mod Organizer sets up it's file trees.


There was an error exporting the custom patch.

(..\..\Strings\ASIS_English.STRINGS (The system cannot find the path specified))

Please contact Leviathan1753


any ideas?

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okay ASIS's patcher doesn't like MO's virtual directory structure, it requires a manual install. here's what I had to do.


1. extract ASIS files to Skyrim\Data

2. load up Mod Organizer, put a checkbox next to ASIS-Dependency.esp on the ESPs list.

3. new executable under top right dropdown box named ASIS and point it to the ASIS.bat in /skyrim/Data/SkyProc Patchers/ASIS/ASIS.bat

4. run "ASIS" from Mod Organizer at top right drop-down box.

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also, RePerkussion adds some new files that MO detects as a new mod, so after running it you have to close MO, then re-open MO and enable the new "strings" mod on the left pane. (also, if using with ASIS, run ASIS first, then RePerkussion)


Edit: well okay here's my full steps for ASIS/RePerkussion/bashed patch/skybash patch

1. ran BOSS

2. manually put ASIS-dependency.esp and NPCPerked.esp at the end of the ESPs load order afterwards

3. regenerated bashed patch in wrye bash

4. enabled any disabled mods by Wrye Bash due to merging, ran SkyBash, then enabled "Bashed Patch, SkyProc.esp" (if you already have an ASIS.esp, make sure to disable it first before running SkyBash)

5. ran ASIS, then enabled ASIS.esp and put it last.

6. ran RePerkussion

7. closed MO, reopened it and enabled new "strings" mod on left pane, then reordered ESP's so the end was:

Bashed Patch, SkyProc.esp




(because ASIS.esp ended up last, but not 100% sure if this is correct, but I am sure RePerkussion needs to patch over ASIS so I assume ASIS.esp shuold be loaded before NPCPerked.esp)


Edit: personally I'm just using SkyBash and ASIS now (in that order)

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though one thing I'm not sure of is where SkyBash's patch goes after running it because I don't see it in MO. this may be another patcher that has to be run outside of MO's virtual data directories


Edit: yeah I'm not even totally sure SkyBash is working properly, I hope it is because Jaysus swords needs it's lists merged, and Wrye Bash isn't able to recognize it

Edit2: disregard this post, it works. and jaysus swords is merged fine with wrye bash

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In general any mod that contains files that are non default Skyrim formats are going to have issues with a Mod Manager, MO is a particular problem due to the virtual directory it uses. I can't really comment on specifics but in general installing manually to the real Skyrim directory without MO running seems like the only way to go for now. Need some input from Tannin here.

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yeah well in the case of SkyBash, it makes a bashed patch just like Wrye Bash so it needs to see all the mods properly (which it does, but I just can't find where it's outputting it's patch to in MO)


Edit: I guess in the meantime I'll disable any mods that Wrye Bash can't merge, until I figure out how to get SkyBash to merge properly with MO

Edit2: disregard this post, it works and wrye bash can merge jswords' leveled list balancing thing

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Sorry I guess this was the wrong thread to post questions/issues about Mod Organizer, I found the other thread here

Anyhow, the latest MO beta fixes the ASIS issues. The patcher runs great now :) (Thanks tannin42/Ethatron!)
This is the thread for the Official MO wiki site, so anything discussed their is appropriate as well as stuff you would like to see covered there.
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first off...

 i LOVE mod organizer!!

so easy, and separates everything.. incredible job!!



 i was viewing some threads the other day, and thought 'hmm what if MO would make a txt list of some kind that u can just copy and post into a forum.

list of mods installed or installed per profile?



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