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Nightingale Hall Restored (by kryptopyr)

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Nightingale Hall Restored


I just finished updating this mod and discovered that it didn't have a thread here.  While I know that STEP doesn't generally consider house or follower mods, I consider the majority of the changes made by this mod to be true fixes to the game.  To be honest, I actually believe that the oversights that this mod fixes are, in general, more blatant than the subtle corrections made by WAF or CCF.  I understand that this mod might be considered too specific or specialized for STEP, but I wanted to at least create a thread for it here.




Here is a list of the bugs that this mod corrects:

  • It adds a working Portal between Nightingale Hall and the Twilight Sepulcher.  Karliah very clearly states that there will be a portal between these locations, but Bethesda didn't add one.  The actual dialogue from the game is: "Should the need arise, a portal connects the Sepulcher and Nightingale Hall. Use it whenever you wish."
  • It repairs Nightingale Hall and makes it feel useful and liveable.  Again, dialogue indicates that Nightingale Hall would be fixed up and would become functional as a home for the player.  Some bare changes to the cell were made after the quest, but nothing that changes Nightingale Hall into anything other than the damp, dank ruins that it was before the quest.  Relevant dialogue from the game: "Now that you're a Nightingale, you may consider this your home." and  "You'll find that this place offers many things that will help you in your endeavors as well as a wealth of information for you to learn."
  • It adds conditions to several lines of dialogue that seem out of place after the Thieves Guild quest has finished.  For example, even after finishing the quest, you can continue to ask Karliah "Who is Nocturnal?" (this is after you've promised your soul and eternal service to Nocturnal and had a fairly extensive conversation with said Daedric Prince).  Several other similarly inappropriate and immersion-breaking questions have been removed. 
  • It reverts Karliah's outfit back to her Thieves Guild outfit after the quest is finished.  Lines within the quest script suggest that she was suppose to switch back to this outfit at some point during the quest.  This also fits the lore better and improves immersion since it doesn't make sense that she would permanently wear this "secret-identity" outfit. 
  • It removes the hood from Karliah's thieves guild outfit (both before & after the quest).  Granted, a better fix would be to correct the awful mesh used for this hood, which makes Karliah appear bald.  However, removing the hood also fixes/avoids this issue and allows Karliah to actually have her true appearance.
  • Corrects the stats on TGNightingaleArmorChest01 and 03.  These items had the odd progression of Resist Frost 15/30/50; this was changed to 20/30/40, which is more consistent with other items and leveled stats in the game.
I've kept all changes very vanilla and lore friendly.  I wanted the changes to feel like they were part of the game from the start, and while this mod does add a few other "extra" features, I think these are all justified by lore and in game dialogue. 

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Used it before. Although a bit of a niche mod, it is extremely well done and fits right in with the story that Karliah is going to live there.


Who would ever live in a damp, dark, empty dungeon-like space? The mod makes total sense. 


Thx for the update kryp!

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