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Essential Hounds - Dogs and Death Hounds (by Crabby654)

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So I really wanted dogs and death hounds to be more viable followers in Skyrim without making them overpowered or doing funky things to them. This mod sets all the Skyrim "vanilla" dogs to essential and can level to 50. All the Dawnguard death hounds and dawnguard hounds set to protected and can level to level 50. The Unofficial patches sort of fixes them by allowing the dawnguard animals to level to 25 but I wanted to make all dogs more useful and viable to have as a companion in Skyrim. To me this mod feels more like a patch on the vanilla game dog followers instead of a fix. This is one of my first mods and the first time I've ever suggested anything so I'm curious what you all think!


Essential Hounds - Dogs and Death Hounds

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