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The New STEP-Community Boards


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Welcome to our brand-new, dedicated forum!

Thanks to TheCompiler, Farlo, EisDrache, Bealdwine, frihyland for their support and contributions, and special thanks to stoppingby4now for setting up and implementing the requisites to get these boards launched.


UPDATE: The boards are growing in breadth, content, scope and features and are fast becoming a valuable resource in support of STEP. Additionally, the STEP Wiki (see link in header) is fast becoming an integral part of STEP.


Special thanks to TheCompiler for permission to host this support site for his S.T.E.P on the Nexus!

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getting thoes icons was actully easy due to the forum icon plugin but it was tedious work tho


I can vouch for that (thanks for figuring that one out ED!)


Working with the template interface here is a bit more tedious, but the flexibility is worth it! CSS can be pulled and edited all-at-once, but there is no way to get the design templates (I assume that this is all written in PHP and Java) into a single download for easy edit, and I am not knowledgeable enough to get to it through the back door without potentially mucking something up or wasting a week on it!


I wound up modifying the gifs for buttons/headers/footers and just replaced the defaults (backed up originals of course).


Still have several buttons to update as well as assets that don't work well on the darker background ... edges of all gifs are too bright.

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Is there anyone who would like the reputation/stars system? Personally I find them annoying and I don't think they actually do anything useful as far as judging how "good" a member is or whatever. Other than that and a few other little tweaks everything looks great! Can't wait to actually start using the forum.

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+1 on no rep system, like monty said an infrequent use of the banhammer is more useful I think.


What might actually be useful is a 'vote to sticky' button for a thread, but it probably won't be necessary until we got at least a thousand members here.


On a more silly note, I don't really want to be an Admin or Moderator, but junior user also doesn't fit. How bout Supercalifragilistic Member :P


Or if we're gonna stay in context I suppose DragonBorn, or Daedric Prince, or Dwemer Lord, or well i think you got the gist.

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Also +1 on the silly rep thing and the 'Junior' stuff... that might fly in the States but I'm well past any civilised reference to junior'ness :)


@MontyMM - rofl, that sounds like a very good idea :D

On a serious note. Are we ready to place a nice big link on the old forum site to redirect people here?

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Created Requests and Complaints forums just for you Monty, and I think the descriptions fit your theme (probably won't last long, so check them while you can).


I agree on reputation. It's only useful on large boards. Also agree with the stars, they were driving me crazy too. Gone.


I changed the first User Title (0 posts) to Prisoner, so let's get some ideas flowing for the others.


EDIT: I like the idea of a vote for sticky button. Haven't found any plugins for it, but shouldn't be too hard to implement.

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