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Immersive Sounds - Footsteps (by lazyskeever)

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Immersive Sounds - Footsteps (by lazyskeever)




Title says it all.


::EDIT by RootsRat::


Fixed it for ya :)





Sounds Overhaul - Almost every single footstep sound has been redone, save for a handful of unarmored and barefoot sounds. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of files have been replaced and brand new ones added.


Bang! And the dirt is gone - Skyrim has generic, dirt-based footsteps and landing sounds pre-loaded into memory which play every time you move onto a different surface from the last one, before the game loads in the appropriate surface (and armor type) sounds. In cases where you're traversing lots of different terrain quickly, like in the outdoors wilderness, you'll effectively be listening to unarmored dirt sounds half of the time no matter what terrain it is or what armor you're wearing.


This mod rectifies the problem by having single movement sounds for each terrain and armor type pre-loaded into memory. Yes, this will permanently increase your RAM usage but given the small size of the individual sounds (they are about 50kb each on average) the amount should be negligible.


Customizable - by default, the heavy armor sounds use a combination of chainmail and plate foley. If you don't like it, there is an alternative version available with the chainmail sound muted. Refer to the video demonstration to hear the difference.


More variety - There are now unique sounds for walking with heavy armor. There are also jumping and landing sounds for both heavy and light armor. In addition there are now unique footstep sounds for metal surfaces. I even decided to add heavy armor sneaking sounds as well. Sneaking with heavy armor shouldn't be very effective, nor should it sound the part!

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Interesting, mentions compatibility with AOS as long as it is loaded after which basically does the same thing except for the preloading. Would be nice to compare the two of them.


There were some mod that "fixed" the vanilla sneaking sounds but I can't remember which one. Might be some issues there but I can't check it out atm (I'm at school, I don't even know why I'm browsing this forum at the moment... I really shouldn't! shh).

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