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Smart Cast by NeoRunek


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Smart Cast by NeoRunek




I just tried out this mod and it adds a nice gameplay mechanic to magic casting. Basically you can adjust certain spells to be autocast based on condition that you set through MCM, so you don't have to enter the menu or favs and switch, cast, enter menu and switch back.


I had a Stoneflesh spell that autocasts every time I was in combat and drew a 1 hand weapon and you can also set a delay on the spell when drawing in combat, but it is in 5 second intervals. Also, had muffle autocast when sneaking and drew my bow. You can also set healing or other spells to autocast based on health, magika, or stamina levels.


Really liked the whole set up. It does use scripts, but the author said that they are very light and the amount of scripts depends on the amount of autocasts you set up in MCM, so only set up 2 or 3 and it shouldn't hurt your game at all.

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Every author will say their scripts are light etc! :)

Of course they are normally right, but the problem is not with individual mods, but rather when you start to get a lot of these "convenience mods". Like Auto equip ammo, auto equip shield etc.


The mod itself is nicely done, and I can see some good uses for it. But at the end of the day, I would rather have more content, then convenience mods installed. But that is ofc. just my personal opinion!

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