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Enboost and COT



I'm really sorry if something similar already exists, I did a search on the forums and couldn't find something similar.

I've been reading up walls of text for the past 3 hours trying to figure this one out.


Now, on to the topic at hand. 

I never wanted to use an ENB. I find the COT+ROL combo to be just fine, and didn't want to stress my  already overburdened rig too much.

That being said, after a new installation of STEP I was having some fps drops due to VRAM and all these texture mods. Everyone pointed out that ENBoost helps a lot with performance so I thought I'd give it a try. And it worked! (After some tweaks with the ini file.)

My problem however is that COT doesn't seem to work. Waited 24 hours, tried the darkest night setting and still my lighting looks like vanilla (too bright). Also the weather doesn't seem to change at all.

What I did notice is this



in the enbseries.ini (which ENBoost doesn't touch). 

The thing is i have no idea about enbs in general and since the Enboost author decided to avoid troubleshooting and I couldn't find something relevant on the mod page you guys are my last resort.

Do I need to install another ENB for COT to work? If not what can I do about that? 

Thanks in advance for your help

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Too late for me to write up something long about it but I suggest you start by using ENBManager.


If you don't know how to set it up check the Skyrim Revisited guide it has instructions. Instead of the full ENB used in SR (I beleieve it was RealVision) , just use ENBoost.

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I am going to go the opposite way... do not use the ENB manager.. its pointless if you are just going to be using ENBoost.


Make sure to set up ENBoost so that the normal ENB graphics features are disabled.



This should disable the other stuff so the game can once again use imagespaces. This is what is used to darken the nights etc.

The darker nights should work instantly if you enable the .esp and its nighttime.


Also make sure that CoT is actually working... try to force some of its weathers though the console. fw XXX58149, or XXX5A1C0... etc. XXX depends on your load order.


It should be 0Y0 where Y then is the number the CoT.esm has on your list counting from 0 as I recall.

If the weathers do not show up when you do that, then you have an install issue.

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UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true that is on already, working on checking COT. Thanks for the replies.

EDIT: Forcing the weather immediatelly changed the night to darker settings. On the other hand, I've waited in game 24 hours at least 5 times so I'm looking at a busted COT installation i presume? Or I need a new save (This is a testing save anyways)

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If you are applying CoT to an existing save you need to go to an interior and wait a month I think it is for the new climates to apply properly.


Better to just start a new game using console. From main menu open console and coc riverwood


Then you should have a CoT weather from the start.

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