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Bloated Man's Grotto?

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"To be more precise, the grotto can't be reset to the version without the quest once Sinding is in it, even though the quest is completed, as Sinding is alive. So if you complete the quest and don't wish to kill Sinding even after completing the quest, you can never access again to the first version of the grotto and therefore never loot Bolar's Oathblade. 16:39, 7 May 2012 (UTC)"

Is this true? Is there no way to get around that?

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You could grant yourself the blade via console if that was all you wanted...


player.additem 000c1989 1


But according to the UESP wiki...

If you wish to acquire the Oathblade and/or mark this location as "cleared", and let Sinding live here in peace, you must visit the location before the related quest, because it won't return to its non-quest version without killing Sinding.


The grotto can be reverted to its non-quest form during Ill Met By Moonlight by opening the console and entering the codes prid 95586 and disable.

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