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Skyrim Redone builds, classes & skill trees

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Very simple question: What do you think is a great skill tree or build of the Skyrim Redone mod? 


My current state of doubt:


- I'm currently tempted to go mage but on my first and only playthrough of the game I already was a mage. Been playing warrior on and off a bit too, but didn't get further than lvl 20 with warrior. Are the mage changes (in destruction, illusion, alteration, restoration) enough to make it interesting? Are mages underpowered or overpwered at, let's say, lvl 40 or 50?


- I think sneaking/archery looks like great fun but I'm afraid it'll be tedious in a couple lvls


- Playing 1h + shield is fun, I like the bashing, but here again would the game not become tedious after a while, making the same moves over and over?


What kind of builds do you have experience with? Why do or do you not like particular skill trees of SkyRe?

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I get bored with Warriors unless I have developed an awesome back story for them. I can recommend a Songsword, its a bard that uses curved blades that wears no armor and relies on illusion magic to cause havoc to mobs or calm mobs and then falls back on alteration/restoration for protection.


Use whatever race you want, Altmer is probably best, I am using a nerfed Lunari for their hot looks. Stone: Lord. I never use mage/warrior/thief stones, what's the hurry I say! build up your character slowly.


Only will use destruction magic/duel wield late in the game again very tough monsters. Very little alchemy is used, but you could specialize in poisons which is infrequently used. I have tactless toxins install.


Carry around a lute and install Become a Bard mod...


Its a challenging build, but a lot of fun, remember you run faster than everyone else in the game because you only wear cloth. Which means you can download some sexy cloth gear off the nexus!


And don't worry, you will be uber once you get frost cloak the only reason I developed destruction magic in the build.

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Good thread. I never made a full playthrough with SkyRe, so cannot contribute much unfortunately. I will watch this thread though! Garfink's character idea is a really good one, just would need to come up with some interesting story for my bard.


I want to cover all the major questlines with SkyRe installed first though, as I've onlt fully done the main quest in vanilla Skyrim. So Companions, Mages Guild, Thieves Guils, Dark Brotherhood come first.

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I am sure this build is nothing like your mage playthrough, which then to be conjure/destruction -centric especially if you didn't plan it out.


Here are the Major skills:


One-handed: Scimitar because they are awesome, both as a spellsword and dual wield.

Illusion: bard's voice is powerful, using mind altering magics.

Alteration: flesh spells, mage armor just in case your illusion magic fails.

Enchanting: needed to enchant clothing, illusion/alteration very expensive magicka wise so you need cost reduction. Also Paralysis!


Minor: Smithing (Just a couple of perks to improve steel & maybe later arcane blacksmith)

Restoration (you don't have armor remember.)


Shouts: Unrelenting force, Ice form, become ethereal, dragon aspect and bend will.


Illusion magic is useless against dragons, you'll need to dual wield against them.


I use Skyrim Unleashed with SkyRe and Duel V5, so I CAN'T do the main quest till I am pretty high level any way, so its perfect. You get murdered in Bleak Falls Barrow until you are like level 12+, 15+ if you don't have a companion (which is up to you.). If I intend to play with a companion, Skyrim Unleash has an optional addon that toughens up the NPCs to make the experience balanced and challenging.


To get the scimitars, I usually just console an iron one to begin with... there are a few places in the game where there are some. Them warriors of Hammerfell, they have curved swords....curved swords! Low level: get them enchanted with Soul Trap, Absorb Health or Paralyze, High level: Soul Trap/Paralyze, Absorb health & stamina, Absorb Health/Paralyze


Keep your enemies busy with illusion and shouts and then move in for the kill. You need to avoid getting hit. if you are up against someone tough duel wield.


Example: Frenzy then become ethereal then mass paralysis and stability if you get mobbed.


Rout and frostcloak and poke poke in the back is a good combo.


How about: Muffle, Frenzy then Invisibility....


For super woman/man: Dragon Aspect, Become Ethereal, Dragonhide, Dual Wield Scimitars with absorb health/stamina. Use Earth Stone/Vegetable soup at low levels. You are a MACHINE! But it will take a long time to get to this build... its the journey remember.


Add a little poison to spice it up... not necessary, but could be fitted in. Not a very perk intensive build. So there is a little flexibility. Trick is refrain from non-illusion range attacks from the start... VERY hard. That restoration comes in handy.


Good fun build: Even at High Levels you still need tactics.


Need to come up with a fun archer build.... how to nerf it and still have it make sense....



You don't need Skyre to play this build! I did it without Skyre and I am doing it again with it now! With weapon degradation mod... the early game is very different....

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Actually if you (ab)use sneak you can still do BFB early on (regardless of which overhaul you use). Even with DUEL sneaking is still broken at higher skill levels. However it just cant be fixed unless you completely rewrite the AI and the way it deals with sneaking.


One way to "fix" it is to use the Uncapper to make sure that Sneak progresses at about 1/100. of vanilla and then it starts to become fair. (Remember that you progress in it every time someone is searching for you!) With just vanilla skill speeds you can easily reach lvl 100 in BFB, and then you have god mode for the rest of the game! With the above speed, you will most likely be level 30ish or so before you start to reach the higher skill levels.

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You are correct Aiyen, that's why I rarely play sneak characters either. I think there must be a mod out there that deals with the sneak being too easy issue.... I think the problem with sneaking is, I find it believable that your initial sneak should work at high levels, but after that, you shouldn't be able to run to cover and hide and re-sneak again. That just makes no sense! I think after you kill the first guy and the rest should be alerted or at least a high chance of being alert if they are close by and you have to run for your life and can't hide against that mob ever again... That should make the sneak characters more challenging... you've to work out who is the toughest, kill him first and plan on how to face the rest of the mob in fair combat.... Still powerful, but not crazily so.




Works fine with Skyre too! I use Forgotten magic, apocalyse & Mighty Magic on top as well. You'll have a few more illusion options with these mods as well. Balanced still and fun.

Here is my current load-order:



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Thanks for this. I won't be doing that playthrough anytime soon though. If I will I will probably customise it too, but I do like the general idea of a character.


Also, good points on sneaking, I never knew it was so OP'd (never played sneak character on high levels and for the one playthrough I completed the main quest, I played a warrior type char).

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Same, my first play through was a Nord Heavy Armor Board & Stick guy, vanilla Skyrim... almost had a stroke how disappointed I was. Love the lore, happy with the new perk system, happy with the graphics, okay with the games's story and okay with the side quests...wished there was more, but the gameplay was soooo... Tomb Raider, hand held affair. I immediately uninstalled it for 1.5 years hoping someone will have a Realistic Needs and Disease mod by then... imagine my surprise to find Frostfall, ENB and no bath mods!


Can't wait for all the awesome quest mods that are coming down the line!!! Can't wait to start Falskaar!!

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If you follow a link to my STEP page from my signature here, you will find a list of my characters I intend to play through. There are only 2 at the moment, as, in fact, I totally forgot to add more. I have about 10 character backstories for RP prepared at the moment, but I want to ensure I have a stable game. Fjoldvik is a test subject here, I plan to do a main quest + Companions + Helgen Reborn playthrough, and once that's done and I feel comfortable with the set up I have I want to do all the other characters I sketched. I think I will be adding your bard to the list too ;)

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Nice, I posted my load-order because like you, its taken me FOREVER to be comfortable with my setup, especially stability-wise to start a new serious RP playthrough. So I'll like to share what I've finally picked mod-wise!!


I couldn't wait for the new S.T.E.P. or S.R:L.E. any longer!!


The bard setup is nice, as there is many reasons for a bard to experience what Skyrim has to offer.


Next playthrough... which I hope will be a LONG while will be the Daedric loving character, in search of fealty for a powerful lord...



Nice photos! We have similar interests I teach photography and ran a photographic art gallery for awhile there (I am a Veterinarian also). Here are my webpages:




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I'll respond to you in PM re photography.


For Skyrim set up that you linked on pastebin - did you actually play it for a longer period of time? How stable is it? I am currently finishing off my new set up and I'll be testing it soon, but if there is a already tested one, I don't mind copying it and just start playing. Been fed up with trying to get my Skyrim to work, it's the 3rd attempt at heavily modded game now, and I promised myself it will be the last one. If I fail now, I will reduce my mod load drastically.

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Skyrim Revisited: LE, all landscapes, weapons, small items like sacks and baskets and food 1024x1024, armor and skin 2048x1024, caves & dungeons same as SR:LE. No LOD objects installed. On a Titan & 32Gb RAM.


ILS never occurs whilst I am actually playing. Like leaving an indoor space, so its not a real problem. I've had to make a lot of sacrifices to get it running predictably (as you can see in my load-order), but the core mods are there... even one or two luxury ones like expanded cities and towns and better docks.


(At the beginning of the game I made a save game called "safetoload" in an inn and if I have loading issues, I load this up and then load the game, works like a charm.) Boris told me that's how he deals with the issue, even though he made an attempt to fix it around version 0.202, it helped a lot but it didn't solve the problem totally. But he told me to do it (he has the same issue obviously) this way till he finds a way.


Even he is having this issue.

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