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Made it into a hot file. Looking at the screenshots it's not over the top, the eyes look natural and in-lore. 


All playable races are done, this will replace all characters' eyes, not only player's. Also:


All of the Argonian and Khajiit eyes are made from HD photos of real lizard and cat eyes, featuring crocodiles, monitor lizards, geckos, lions, panthers and leopards.

Amazing. And the below quote makes me believe it could suitable for STEP.


These eyes simulate the look of the original Bethesda eyes and wont drastically change the look of npcs or player.

We'd need comparison against current eye texture replacer (Natural Eyes). I may be able to find some time to do it tonight, but can't promise.

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Reason I ask is because Natural Eyes, which is STEP's currently included mod, is 128x resolution and tiny but still looks good. Making huge textures for such a tiny detail in-game is absurd to me and a waste of precious VRAM. Such textures are best used for those "pretty screenshots" of your character.

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Fair enough, however "too big in size" is a relative term, depending on your VRAM ;)


And although I was recently against a teeth texture mod due to VRAM waste on something that you never look at, I actually DO look at people's eyes in game (as opposed to peoples' teeth).


Nevertheless, if the general feeling is that this file is too big, then there is no point in me dling compares - I'd rather spend that time continuing to get my current Skyrim installation up to date ;)

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Too big in size is not that relative, 90% of the community use Baseline (plus some non-STEP mods) and it's set at 1 VRAM, so that is you're starting point when considering such resource uses.


With that said, compares are always worth it. Though I'd personally wait until the mod is added to the "Testing" group in this before doing so.

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