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Confused how to match grass lod color

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11 hours ago, Buto said:

So I thought I followed the step guide perfectly, but my grass lod is much darker than my regular grass. see here df879d255e.png

I have this set in my dyndolod_sse.ini b269d1f5c7.png

Is there anything im missing? why is it doing this?

Check your TexGen grass Ambient/Direct settings when doing LODGen. You may not have them as indicated by the guide. Also, it looks like you didn't install Cathedral Landscapes with brown tundra as recommended, or you have included a grass mod that is not in the guide. If you follow the guide exactly, this problem will resolve.

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1 hour ago, Buto said:

Ahh I thought it was a general guide . I was applying the guide to my own modlist. So these dyndolod_sse.ini settings will be different for me, since im using green grass and a different landscape?

No, the DynDOLOD grass settings will remain the same, but the TexGen Direct/Ambient may have different optimal settings. The key is to have minimal Ambient, and relatively high Direct values compared to defaults. Regeneration of grass LOD is required whenever you want to test different settings.

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