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Player Cell Position (by Ashen)


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Player Cell Position by Ashen
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SKSE plugin providing various ways to display the player's current position in the world, quicker and more convenient than MCM > DynDOLOD > You Are Here.


  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle
  • Can report player, pointer or projectile position
  • Real-time notifications updated at regular intervals (optional)
  • Configurable formatting

Please see Nexus page for further details.

This is a testing/troubleshooting tool, useful when checking landscape and stuff that can't be targeted in the console, not intended for regular gameplay (though it doesn't hurt to keep it installed). Suggested as an aid for STEP developers, testers and users alike, not suggested for inclusion in the guide.

Note:  Ignore the FISS requirement. It's not needed. PapyrusUtil can be used to save settings.

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Thanks ... have you by chance verified if the coordinates indicated by this mod are identical to those indicated using the other methods. I'm not sure if it's possible that they wouldn't, given they may be using the exact same principles to get the coordinates.

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All these mods use the same/similar scripting to get these values because they are the only ones the exist in the game that will spit out the values (most of the time with the help of SKSE). It seems to be just reducing it down to a button combination vs other methods; completely objective. I typically just use Where in Special Edition am I, which adds a power you can use. I rarely need anything like this when modding, though.

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This mod provides a streaming mode that no other does as far as I know: spit out a position notification every N seconds. That's what I use most. So I can just run around with the constant notifications, see something peculiar, wait for an up-to-date notification, take a screenshot, keep going and so on. Or if I'm looking for a cell border, I can just run around keeping an eye on the notifications, instead of taking 3 steps, press a button or whatever to check position, take another 3 steps, check position again,... It's just more convenient for me. Also the notifications are less intrusive and obstructive than a (more or less big) message box in the center of the screen.

It can also give the position of the cursor rather than the player, which doesn't make any sense to me in 3D space. I never tried it so can't tell.

It can also give the position of a projectile (e.g. targeted spell or arrow) rather than the player, which could be useful. I've never used it yet so can't tell.

Everything is configured in an MCM. No spell or power gizmo.

Please see screenshots on mod page to get a better idea.

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Yeah, I just never do anything that really needs a position in-game. If I need to find something that I'm working on, I'll often just drop something random that is easy to spot but out of the way, pop in the game, and then to find it. Of course this is because I work mostly in the CK with a lot of the mods I help author. Since the CK provides you the cell, it's always a quick COW to the cell in-game and a very walk to what I was doing in CK. I can see for users mostly using xEdit to mod that things like this mod could be useful.

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