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Skyrim Tycoon


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Skyrim Tycoon by Joubarbe


A freshie! And it sounds like lots of fun. Let me quote the author here:


Build an empire and make Skyrim a disgusting capitalist world! :)

More details:


In the Blue Palace of Solitude you will find an Intendant of Skyrim, who will be glad to sell you various properties. These properties exist in the original game. I did not erase anything and all NPCs are in place. You can buy farms, wheatfarms, lumbermills (wood mills) and mines. Currently, there are 12 properties to buy (3 for each type).


This mod is all about manufacturing and making money. For example, in a wheatfarm, you will transform wheat into flour, and use the flour to make bread. Then the bread will be used to make weapons and armours. Those two products are your main goals, because in these times of war, there is plenty of money to make with such products. That being said, you are a business (wo)man so don't have time to do all this yourself. Therefore, you will have to hire people.

It's currently a beta version, but I'm going to put it on my watch list. I was planning a playthrough as a Khajiit merchant, who is robbed by bandits and has to start his merchant career from the scratch (Left For Dead option in Live Another Life mod).



This mod sounds like a perfect addition to my plan!

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It looks like a really interesting mod, but not something I would incorporate in my Skyrim install, due to the various economic imbalances it creates.


Unfortunately the economy of Skyrim doesn't make much sense, and purchasing assets to profit from them makes it even less. With the abundance of gold in Skyrim, you'd think the inflation would be sky high and prices would be flying through the roof.


On that matter, I'd like to see a mod that adjusts prices based on actual supply and demand, and makes a note of the current precious metals availability on the market.


BTW, I swear this thread had a lot more replies yesterday, when I first had a look at it...

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