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Sweeping Organizes Stuff - Use Broom to Clean Mess (by wSkeever)

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Sweeping Organizes Stuff - Use Broom to Clean Mess by wankingSkeever
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Script-based, only run when used + ESP-FE plugin.

Half tongue-in-cheek, half seriously quite useful. Please see the Nexus mod page for screenshots and demo videos.

Practical example: let's say you've used Unrelenting Force on that boss at the end of the dungeon and now the quest artifact that was sitting on the pedestal and you were supposed to retrieve has flown off... somewhere. What do you do?

  • Cheat and add the item to your inventory via the console
  • Spend 15 minutes searching every nook and cranny, perhaps unsuccessfully
  • Wait until the cell resets and come back afterwards

With this mod you can just use your broom and after a few seconds the artifact (and everything else that was displaced) will be back on its pedestal (to its original place, respectively).

This requires carrying a broom in the player's inventory. I do carry a broom in my inventory at all times, just in case, and I like it.


To make things even funnier, Inigo has an idle chatter line in case you carry a broom in your inventory: "Why do you carry a broom? Do you have a cleaning disorder that I don't know about?"


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... another useful mod. I like it.

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