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Mod Suggestions for SR - Post in STEP Mods Forum

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If you want to suggest any mods for SR, please do so in the Mods forum. The Mods forum is our central repository of mod suggestions for STEP and other guides. This enables all of our members and guide creators a "one-stop-shop" for referencing or commenting on mods.
HINT: Use the tagging system, and tag mods you like for SR as 'Skyrim Revisited'. Neo and others can then do an Advanced Search using that tag.
We even have built-in "Prefix Tags" to distinguish mods suggested for a particular game:
Tags and prefixes can be chosen or added during thread creation ... or they can be added by the thread creator by using "the full editor".
This may seem like a PITA to some of you, but having a centralized 'repository' of all mod discussions pertaining to whatever guide(s) reduces clutter and consolidates information in as logical a fashion as possible in the forum format.

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FSS - No pause between lines


This one can be considered a "fix" - it changes people way of speaking so they don't stop at every 10 seconds.



Staff of Magnus Improved by ALH

No other mod provides that texture - no brainer for me.




That one is purely preference based, but I lake like more filled Whiterun. The Vanilla one is so... empty




Very simple AutoLoot - works even when in vampire of werewolf form.



Immersive Armors

If you have to install one armor mod - use that one. Plays very nice with Frostfall.

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Obviously COT + RLO (or some other weather/lighting solution).  Probably doesn't need to be said, although it does require some extensive cleaning and patches.


Lanterns for guards.  (This is an optional for the mod Wearable lanterns by Chesko, that has its own page)


Immersive armors is great, but it actually has a bunch of armors that are imo lore breaking.  On the other hand, there are several (like Einharjar and Warchief) of its real HQ amors which are available as separate standalone packs that are great.  I also use Black Sacrament, even though its a little bit lore breaking.


I use SKREE (less dragon attacks), the no boring sleep menu mod (its annoying but its good to have in a tight spot when scripts go awol) and I have a fondness for birds and flock (yes yes, I know there is some reported instability..  It works fine for me).


The only other mod i'm considering adding is immersive patrols and I don't have any follower mod (they all seem unstable).


Once DSpSOB nad left hand rings is up and running, I think I might just play the game as is and get a full playthrough.   I haven't played DragonBorn yet..

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Flora Respawn Fix and the related forum thread that goes into a bit more detail about the issue.




That one is purely preference based, but I lake like more filled Whiterun. The Vanilla one is so... empty

There's also a Beautiful Riften by the same author. Both mods only make minor cell changes that don't require new navmeshes, so shouldn't cause compatibility issues.
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This has finally gone from beta into real action, and it looks promising. I am currently using it however I either get 60 fps everywhere without ENB or 30ish with so I do not think it really affects the higher end cards all that much, but more optimization is always nice I guess.




This one seems to go nicely with the animation mods already included I am however not really an expert in it, but it might be nice to have.

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The cloak physics one is sadly not in a state where it has anything to do with the other cape mods. Not much point in it then, but a definite one to watch out for in the future!


Also real shelter is nice looking for sure! But it needs to be in a final state before I am going to include it... would just bug me that the feature only works in so few areas for now!

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