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So, I tried a couple things with set timescale to 1 and I will test more but what I found:

If I started the game with set timescale to 1 from the Opening Scene the execution scene would have a huge delay with my character looking up at the executioner whom never fully raises the axe and the dragon flies around in the sky until a many minutes pass and dialogue catches up.

However, if I started the game with the default time and changed it after character creation to 1, the execution scene continued as per normal.

I tried a few variables in between of starting the game at less than 20 and greater than 1 but I have yet to find the reason or the sweet spot as to why the execution scene lags.

The best solution I've figured out so far for wanting to play the game in timescale 1 is to start the game with timescale to 1 then change it just before or after completing character creation to timescale 4 or 5, and then change back to timescale 1 sometime when the screen goes blurry from the dragon's shout to when movement controls become enabled.

Hopefully I can one day get to the point of figuring out why adjusting timescale affects the coordination or timing of scripted events, and if a mod can correct it.

I send a feedback about this to Bethesda hoping they will correct it but I'm very new to Bethesda.  I can see it as an extremely low priority project to them but maybe the idea gets noticed so that future games get consideration for it.

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You might also investigate the time required to reset cells and any effect this may have on save sizes. I think Engine Fixes decouples some items (such as waterfall speed) from timescale, I seem to recall that the time required to reset cells doubles if timescale is reduced by half and this may cause all the clutter in these cells to accumulate in the saves. This also allegedly increases the time for multiple NPCs to go through load doors. You might also read this topic from 2014 regarding timescale.


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      Hey all!
      Did my complete STEP installment. I have two issues. The first is that there is a shadow following my character, at least at evening hours, around 6:30 pm ingame as can be seen on the screenshot. The sun is over the Falkreath hold, when I walk close, the edge of the shadow follows at the same distance it is in the screenshot. Meaning I can only see the sun, I can't be in the sun. This seems to be specific to the area surounding Falkreath however. The issue seems to be tied to something that generates or renders at approximately the distance of the shadow seen in the screenshot, because a similar, but much less visible effect appears when walking around other places such as around Riverwood or the plains of Whiterun. 
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