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  1. How do overwrite? Is there a prompt in the download?
  2. I just noticed the 3.6 update option. Does the update overwrite the previous version or installed separately?
  3. Well, I just used the console to command add the note from Staada to my inventory and that has started the quest upon reading it. Though, still curious if Ri'saad's death is linked to her note also.
  4. Apparently there are two notes deliverable by courier after completing Restoring Order but as I did not get any courier deliveries, I'm wondering if the same courier delivers both notes at the same time, the one from Ri'saad and the one from Staada. My Ri'saad was killed so I don't expect a note from him but maybe his death messed up the Staada quest also?
  5. Okay, I must've done it with console command, was quite a while ago now. I think I changed that setting after acquiring the red-head Nord from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. (Serana which I posted about recently, was also and surprisingly designated foolhardy evidently, and she killed herself in a dwarven ruin. Strange because she was cautious not to trade with me when meeting her, and comments how she was always told to stay away from these types of ruins, but she still followed me.)
  6. Mostly I was surprised by why the fail optional quest procs so early considering I actually accomplished the quest objective, but I'm wondering if there is any negative result of failing optional quests (ie. do I miss dialogue or some reward bonus).
  7. I have since found the console commands to complete quest objectives and quests but my question is specific as to whether failed optional quest objectives make any difference in the results or actions of the game. I presume they might make some difference but maybe they don't.
  8. Unfortunately essential NPCs seems super important setting, because I think I just broke another quest when I cannot report back to Adelaisa Vendicci because she was killed in the assault somehow. Is there any method to complete quest objectives through console commands?
  9. I didn't install any mods yet, but I did find the Beth INI setting to mark NPCs non-essential, or maybe it was a console command, not sure right now which it was. But if that is the factor, then I guess I change it before I brawl again? I changed the setting because followers that are defined with "foolhardy" confidence makes no sense to me, and just presumed that combat marked as "brawl" would get priority/be isolated from the changed setting.
  10. The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal optional objectives: Find the key on the corpse with the lantern. Convince Nivenor to give you her keys. For some reason these objectives were marked as failed but I did get the keys from Nivenor and found the key on the corpse.
  11. That's okay. I'll see whatever happens with my choices and then I'll try again with mods installed at some point.
  12. Every brawl but one has resulted in the NPC's death, but I don't know why. I do have the setting so that no NPC is marked as essential, could this be the cause?
  13. I actually achieved some optional quest objectives after they were marked as failed. This in itself is strange to me if it's so rigid, because I couldn't see why it matters. But, I'm wondering if and what consequences I have accrued if an optional objective is marked as failed.
  14. So, I discovered Serana and didn't kill her immediately, dialoguing and such and lead her outside. But it was in the afternoon and she was complaining about the sunlight so I entered some nearby dungeons and she got herself killed. Examing her body I could not take the Elder Scroll but I found the command to add it to my Inventory. I'm guessing this is a unique item so my concern now is about the Elder Scroll that is still visibly strapped to Serana's body and what if anything I should do about that.
  15. Okay. Both aspects seem strange to me, the skill level cap and the legendary mechanism, but for different reasons and I was trying to think of an alternative to opting for legendary skills or some justification for doing so, if the skill levels were uncapped but ultimately the two aspects are unrelated so I just don't see a link. The skill cap especially seems awkward considering they have no cap for over-encumbrance. And when getting some blessings or buffs from magical equipment I see that some of my skills go over the level 100 cap and that's why I wonder if there is an easy way to adjust that setting since the game doesn't seem to be counting 100 as a hard cap. And also, some NPCs have 100% immunity/resistance whereas the player character cannot achieve as such.
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