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Light on movement

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Especially noticeable at night or indoors in low light, but any movement from still changes the surroundings by increasing some kind of light or brightness.  If I stop moving the light disappears again.  So, by quickly moving and stopping repeatedly there's a very noticeable flickering effect.  But, I can't see the effect in the VOD after streaming it.  Any ideas?

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16 hours ago, anonymouselbow said:

Hmm, I couldn't find anything useful in the description section.  Did you mean in the posts section?

I don't have any mods installed other than the AE updates.

So you are running strictly vanilla with not a single mod? If that's true, then it's probably something to do with your display driver settings or INI settings.

Use BethINI as we recommend and see our Display Settings guide.


Directly from the description I linked:

1. You cannot overwrite mods that add bulbs with mods that add more bulbs because then you'll have an insane amount of bulbs and tons of flickering.
2. You can overwrite mods that add bulbs with mods that edit lighting colors.
3. You can overwrite mods that edit lighting colors with mods that only edit indirect lighting (for example, if you wanted to use a darker ambient lighting mod)

Luminosity: edits lighting colors
RS: adds bulbs, edits lighting colors
ELE: edits lighting colors
ELFX: adds bulbs, edits lighting colors, changes tons of objects to help reduce flickering created by excessive bulb placement
NAT: edits lighting colors
All other weather mods: edits weathers and will not conflict with interior lighting mods

This likely addresses your problem.

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