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fMagnetism combat settings

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I killed my follower with an arrow from behind but the follower wasn't in my aiming reticule but when I searched the topic I found some mention of the fMagnetisms but not what they do and if they should all be set to 0.  BethINI settings show I have a couple set to 0 but not all.  If there is another reason beyond fMagnetism please do tell.  The follower was to the right of the aiming reticule.  I actually killed 2 followers this way and one was in a cave so I don't think there was a wind variable that could be the cause, but both were killed to the right of where I was aiming.

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The aiming reticle is not always accurate. Best thing is to save often so if you accidentally kill your follower you can reload the save and try again. Also best to avoid ranged combat nearby a follower. 

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Hmm.  I'd prefer to play without saves other than the autosave, but if the aiming isn't accurate this is a problem that I can't chalk up as my bad aim and accept my terrible idea to trying to shoot near my follower.  I submitted a ticket on it to Bethesda but the response was to submit again to the feedback department.  How often did the game get updates over the years for bugs?  I don't like that they're shutting down the forum and moving to Discord only, but maybe Discord is better than I'm believing.

The BethINI tweaks has two of the fMagnetism settings to 0 but not the others.  I found:

Steam Community :: Guide :: Useful Ini Tweaks

in which all fMagnetism tweaks are set to 0 but I've found no explanations for what each is.

Or by not accurate, you mean there is another factor than fMagnetism settings?

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