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SKYRIM Save Cleaner


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I've been having random CTD problems and random but all-too-frequent problems with Skyrim unable to load new areas (Skyrim is still running but it never transitions past the load screens to the new area). I reduced the number of esp files I had by combining a number of esp files (I chose ones that weren't very complex) into a single esp using TES5Edit, and I also used this tool on a save file that was recent but prior to a time when the problems got worse. After a somewhat short testing period (so far), I have not had any CTD or area-load "freezes".


Note that area-load "freezes" are typically associated with too many esp files (at least they were in Fallout New Vegas which has a similar Bethesda engine).


I didn't notice any harmful effects from the Save Cleaner and it did make my save game smaller.

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REFRs have been in the Bethesda engine for a while, so the no-longer-being-used REFRs problem preceeds Skyrim (there is a version of this mod for Fallout New Vegas, for example). The recent fix capability added to SKSE is for scripts that are no longer associated with an active mod, and scripts were first added for Skyrim. I expect that these two fixes are independent.

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