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Dimhollow Crypt No Cave Entrance

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Hi. I was doing the Dawnguard quest, and it led me to Dimhollow Crypt. There was no entrance to the crypt. The entrance, stairs, brazier, all missing, just a mountain side covered with snow. However I can still enter the cave by walking onto the waymark, which was placed where the entrance was supposed to be.

Skyrim Special Edition 9_3_2021 10_58_42 AM (3).png

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xedit showed a conflict there with Majestic Mountains, which I have ran for ages with no troubles.  I reloaded MM but no change.  I suspect some sort of landscape fix, or patch.  It has been a while since I started the Dawnguard quest, so hard saying when it happened.  Haven't ran across any other caves covered up. So, it appears to be just the Dawnguard dlc.  I went ahead and got Serana,  Everything seems to be working fine.  I will play around with it later.

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Thank you for looking.  I noticed the hall is not on fire and the bodies are missing outside too.  Cannot get in the hall.  Like to verify files, but I am still SE.  There is something that is either effecting that area, or the start of the quest.  When I walk through the side of the mountain the quest continues like normal.  Have a great day!!

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