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DynDOLOD no longer detecting my Farm Mod after rerunning it.


So quick and easy, 


When I originally ran DynDOLOD, my farm mod "White River Farm" was detected and therefor it rendered the LOD for it. 


However, I have since reran DynDOLOD and now my mod has no longer been recognized as a master, and therefor the LOD has not been generated. 


I made sure to check that DynDOLOD saw my mod in the loader and indeed it did. I've reinstalled my farm from nexus, reran DynDOLOD, and checked again and it no longer generates my mod's LOD, nor does it see it as a master. I am a bit confused hence why I am here. Is this something on my end that I need to do with my Mod or is this something I am doing wrong? I have ran DynDOLOD the same way before and now within the last day it just will not generate for the farm. Looking for some insight here. 

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Assuming you are using the same version of DynDOLOD and settings, then either the plugin changed or required LOD resources went missing from the load order.


The message log lists each loaded plugin. Make sure it is enabled and listed in plugins.txt and shows up in the log.


LOD models are assigned via full model filename matching as explained in DynDOLOD_Mod_Authors.html.


If no LOD models exists a mesh rule should be added to use the full model for static object and/or dynamic LOD.

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My mod uses vanilla assets for everything besides the scripts to build it. I've checked the plugins.txt and it shows up. It was working before and I made sure that the DynDOLOD option was selected when generating. Made sure I was an interior cell and stopped DynDOLOD before creating a clean save and then regenerating. The LOD model for the farm is the same as the Drunken Huntsman and all other parts of the farm are architecture from the vanilla game, all with vanilla LODs. It was previously working on an Old generation then I reran it and now it fails to generate for it. I'm Using MO2 as well, which I know has been having issues with DynDOLOD and other programs. Think that might have something to do with it? The LOD was generated for everything else in my LO.

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Did the DynDOLOD version change?


Did the DynDOLOD Resources change?


What changed between the two generations?


Does the log show that the plugin is loaded?


Did you test with a new game?

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Nothing changed in any way. even reinstalled the resources. 


The difference between generations was the installment of the White River Farm. Nothing else was changed.


Log shows plugin listed


Tested on 2 different brand new saves, each different generations with DynDOLOD option clicked. SKSE folder generated, meshes generated, textures, scripts etc. No errors in the generation process. TexGen also has no errors. 

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So what changed with the mod between generation?


Load DynDOLOD.esp in xEdit. Unfold Worldspace, Tamriel, Persistent Worldspace Cell D74, Persistent. Sort by EditorID column.

There should be references with EditorID starting with WhiteRiverFarmesp_*


For example, for the initial destroyed shack there should be a WhiteRiverFarmesp_0A2268_DynDOLOD_LOD

Edited by sheson

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Found the issue.


I deleted my old DynDOLOD generation from the left hand pane in MO2. However, the program then put the old DynDOLOD.esp and .esm hidden in the file of the new generation. Which of course overwrote it each time, therefor the .esp never was actually updated even though I deleted the old version. It seems MO2 wasn't functioning normally and I finally was able to delete the old .esp and .esm from the MO2. Seems MO2 was struggling to actually delete the folder and what it contained. Thanks Sheson

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