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  1. I ran into a problem after updating my Load Order and regenerating LODs. In the screen shots you can see how far far away mountain LODs are very low quality and and right meshes/textures appear when I move camera closer. You can see the change between 1st and 2nd shots. Same thing happens with the tree 3d LODs. Far away trees don't use 3d LODs, but 2d. Difference is seen between 2nd and 3rd shots. Is this an issue with some .ini settings, some mod modifying LOD transition or did I do something wrong while generating LODs? First time I see this issue.
  2. Just tried to generate tree, grass and DynDOLOD, but encountered an error for each world. Logs have this to say - Output: E:\Загрузки\Modding\Software\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_Output\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects\ Generating object LOD meshes for worldspace Tamriel Reading E:\Загрузки\Modding\Software\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_Terrain_Tamriel.bin E:\Загрузки\Modding\Software\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_Terrain_Tamriel.bin not found! The .bin files that ''can't be found'' are there, I checked. I'm using the latest versions of standalone and resources. Tried to disable AntiVirus, updated Visual Studio thingy, but no help. The wierd simbols in the path are path letters in Russian on my system, that's why they're scribbled. Maybe that's the problem, but on the older versions I never had these problems.
  3. That's the problem, I have read that it falls back to tree LOD if 3D LOD is no available, but it doen's happen in my case for some reason. And I have installed Bruma Billdoards, because, if I'm not mistaken, I would not be able to generate right LODs for the replaced trees without them, in the first place. However, on the Bruma Billboard mod page it's written to ''Only generate static tree LOD''.
  4. I think we are talking about different areas. I mean tree LODs for the trees in the playable area, wich is within the boundaries of the mod itself. I understand that areas that are beyond that won't have any LODs, because it's not finished in general. Some screenshots to explain even better. https://imgur.com/a/NwDPpSX On the first shot are only 3D LODs with the trees that have resources by mod authors. As you can see there are no Bruma's trees visible at all. On the second shot are 3D LODs with 2D ones so that Bruma's trees appear and now it looks how it's supposed to be (kinda). On the third shot is the problem itself, when 3D lods of the trees form the 1st shot are overlaping with 2D ones after generating for the 2nd shot. I tried to do the steps that you wrote, because I thought that replacing 2D lods of the trees from the 1st shot with empty files would do the trick, but after that all the 2D LODs dissapeared and it looks again like in the 1st shot. Or maybe everything's much easier and there is a way to make DynDOLOD generate those brigh green trees' LODs as static objects as well?
  5. I apologize, didn't make myself clear. I did it in purpose so that I would have all the tree LODs in the Bruma worldspace. If I generate 3d LODs alone, there won't be any tree LODs for the forest below Bruma (trees that come with Bruma mod itself), because there are no resources for them to be. In this case I have only LODs for the trees that are replaced with 3D Trees and Aspens Ablaze, wich are in Skyrim. So I have to generate both 2d and 3d lods, because not all trees have 3d LOD resources. So the question is how to generate the traditional LOD only for certain trees, in this case trees that come with Bruma mod, and not for others, in this case those trees, that are from Skyrim itself?
  6. Hello there. So I am playing through Bruma at the moment and wonder if there is any way to combine 2d LODs and 3d LODs? I am using 3d trees and Aspens Ablaze, wich both have 3d LOD resources, but Bruma's trees don't. Is there a way to exclude 3d trees and Aspens from generating 2d LODs? Because at the moment I have 3d LODs overlaping with 2d ones and don't look that good. I thing I have seen somewhere how to do so, but can't remember where exactly, so I need help. Thanks.
  7. Yep. Since my ini file wasn't 'read only' at the moment, I launched the game with the mod. To fix it I had to disable mod and crank those setting waaaay higher than they saved.
  8. I found the problem and fixed it. Completely forgot about FPS Stabilizer mod. Thank you for help, and I apologize for wasting time.
  9. These settings are the exact same as you wrote. Probably some other thing.
  10. Hello there. Recently I have encountered a wierd thing, wich might not be a bug, but still I'd like to know how to fix it. I'm using 3d trees mode with generated ultra trees LODs, but at some point the game does not spawn LODs way in the distance. It's not a big problem when not looking far away, but the moment I look in the distance from some mountain, I can clearly see that there are no LODs for trees. In the screenshots below you can see how I look at Morthal marsh region and there are no trees at all(1st shot), but if I 'tcl' myself closer, LODs appear(2nd shot), but even past that point you can see how the groung further away is empty. https://imgur.com/a/MaTpSvb So I've been trying to regenerate LODs several times, but the problem still stays. What exactly might be the cause for this? Are those some .ini file settings, or am I missing something in the DynDOLOD settings that I should change?
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