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Magic Balance Mod?

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Many like med find magic a bit dull and not always very balanced.


Any suggestions for vanilla friendly magic balance/tweak mod that dont change the perks or basic system?

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I, personally, don't. magic in the game is probably the most unbalanced part of the game. You can easily go and become a warrior with a weapon, but if you're chosen weapon is magic, then you're going die and die often. I tried playing a straight mage once and it was the first time I beat the game and you know how I did it? God mode! It was impossible for me to play straight through as a striaght mage. I've tried several magic mods here and there, but none I were completely happy with. That was some time ago. 

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Simon Magus is a great mod author who has sort of followed in the footsteps of EnaiSiaion, making mods very similar to Ordinator, Apocalypse, etc.  But Simon's are much more lightweight and closer to the mechanics and implementation of vanilla.  At least, that's how he (and users) describe his mods.  I can't honestly say much more about them as I've never used them; only discovered recently, and I'm in the middle of a play-through.




I never understood why so many people seem to feel magic is underpowered in Skyrim.  I've played through as many builds of vanilla Skyrim characters as I could possibly think to make, and mages were usually the most over-powered.  The very beginning can be a little tricky, yeah; conjuration will help a lot with that, and grab a follower.


I have found that most of the time when people say stuff like that;  they weren't actually playing a 'straight' mage.  They don't trust the magic system or something, so they wind up wearing armor, and using swords or bows or whatever.  If you're going to play a pure mage, you want to be wearing clothing; ie the outfit they give you in the very beginning of the game that is perfect for a mage character.  You want to take perks in whatever school of magic you want to build your mage around (alteration mage armor perks are essentially a necessity) and you don't want to use other skills too much.


One thing to remember always in Skyrim;  anytime you are using skills that are not your main combat skills, or directly supporting those skills, you are by proxy making yourself weaker.  You level up, the world levels up with you, and you have not increased your ability to deal with the challenges of the world.

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I have tried all the most popular magic mods to and i agree with you @TechAngel85 . Is it the basic game mechanics that makes it impossible to make a balanced magic mod?

Apocalypse and mods like that maby make magic a bit more diverse and fun but you are always either op or dead.

One problem might be that i tend to play magic just like meele or archer at the end... spamming some sort of destro spell.


Mystisism seem interesting, i will look int to that.


Like you say @baronaatista many (like me i think) make the mistake not to learn how to use pure magic. Setting upp defenses before attacking, debuffs and so on. rather they run in likae a battle mage of some sort.


I will start by trying this out https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9361?tab=description . 


I have always played sneeky archer + 1h/borad builds but with STEP 3.0 my idea is to try doing a full playtrough as a pure mage... i hope.

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