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? Using DynDOLOD Files with Multiple MO2 Profiles


Hello and thank you for reading ... this might be rather verbose ..<!>


I have about 6 different game 'profiles' created in MO2 ('Mod Organizer 2') utilizing many mods from a list of about 500 mods.  I keep the same 'world spaces' for all of them (even 'Falskaar' because it is convenient).   HOWEVER, each profile has a mixture different mods in them.


I noticed that the 'DynDOLOD ESP' is not 'good' for all the profiles since it records the mod contents of each profile therefore the .esp is not 'portable' between these profiles.


As a result, I have taken to running ALL DynDOLOD 'build processes' for each profile ...


1  run 'XLodGen' for terrain only and create mod in MO2 from output

2  run 'TexGen'  and created mod in MO2 from output

3  run 'DynDOLOD' and create mod in MO2 from output

4  run 'XLodGen' for 'occlusion' only, and this magically appears in the MO2 mod list.


Each of the output mods above (4) are made specific for each profile and are uniquely named and installed in MO2. The pertinent output mods (all four) STAY ACTIVATED in the mod list of the profile while the others are 'disabled'


Q.  Given the fact that I have the same 'World spaces' for ALL profiles, is it necessary to perform the entire 'DynDOLOD' creation process for each profile OR can I only run the primary 'DynDOLOD' for each process (keeping the 'xLodGen' and 'TexGen' files the same)?


After a perusal of the output files, I would think that I would only have to run 'DynDOLOD' for each profile ... using the first three output files ... but there may be some fine detail that I am missing that would prohibit this.


Thanks for Reading!

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TexGen is for textures so if those are the same for all then there is no need to rerun that. xLODgen is for terrain so if there aren't any mods that doesn't change the landscape between profiles then you don't need to run it either. Once is enough.


Thus, DynDOLOD is likely the only thing you'll need to run and use for each profile. You may want to also have an mod for each occlusion output, depending on what is changing between profiles.

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THank you!  That will save a lot of work!  I was retaining all outputs for insertion into the appropriate profile so that can stop. Thanks!

However, FYI, I removed a 'music' mod and BOTH DynDOLOD and OCCLUSION complained. I guess one of my peeves here is what does 'music' have to do with ANYTHING in the context of LOD?  It is too bad there is not a way of 'culling' this stuff out of the load order.

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I don't have a definitive answer, but I wonder if may be because the music type is defined in the worldspace, cell, and sub-block records that also affect LOD.

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