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Morning Fogs Refined (by egocarib)

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Morning Fogs Refined adds fog to certain locations during the mornings in Skyrim. It is a modified version of Morning Fogs. The Refined version makes the mod configurable through an MCM menu.


I found this mod after the Nexus Mods Facebook page posted about the SSE port of these mods. I have not tried it but I think it would add to both immersion and aesthetics. I thought about performance though, so I searched the posts on Nexus. The author of the SSE port replied to a user asking about performance:


I personally don't experience any drop to FPS whatsoever while using it, but I usually don't have issues with FPS as it is so I can't say for certain. I'm fairly certain that a few extra ambient fog effects won't affect your performance too much though 🙂 The best area to test it in would probably be Riften, as that has the most added fog out of any location, so that would be the worst culprit.

So there you go.

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