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Outdated Installation Guide


Hello guys.

I know it's probably a lot to ask and that you are busy with your new Mod Picker project, but for someone who actually knows what they are doing it shouldn't be too much of a hustle, I hope.


Tell me please, is it possible to update this guide for MO2 users?



It's obviously a great guide, possibly the best there is but in attempt to follow it precisely I am facing the wall now, because the guide requires the steps I am unable to make.

I had about 15 tabs opened in my browser yesterday just from following it, trying to understand what am I downloading and why... I am drained and exhausted and being redirected like a ping pong from one information pool into another with my ADD has already become a nightmare.


I don't know if anyone is still using MO1, and if they do, they probably know their way around mods already. The new users like me (yes, we're still coming), naturally go for newest versions and it is us who are in dire need of your guidance. Please, add info for MO2, you'll be saving lives... probably...


   I just recently discovered STEP Guides and even though STEP name was popping up on occasion, there was no (obvious) need. Now, I wish I discovered you sooner but I didn't.

After breaking my game several times, and switching from NMM to MO2, I managed to make it look nice with approximate 80% stability. And then I've learned more, saw more and decided to go for ENB, which lead me back to searching and reading and testing and I broke the game again, this time beyond repair. I tried to give up on ENB and return to my original set, but couldn't, the game looked like crap and worked accordingly and that's after re-moding it from scratch.


I finally found this guide, which seemed so perfect at that moment and now I am stuck practically at the start, with already a choice made by guessing instead of knowing because there was no info on a subject, and I don't know if my choice was right or wrong and what to do if I made a mistake...


I am currently on "Optimizing Bethezda Textures" phase. 

I installed the first part of this mod (now deleted), it prompted me with a warning about BSA files and if I don't know what they are I should click NO... which I wanted to do, because regardless of my attempts to find consumable information on this, I still don't have a clue what they are and the guide isn't specific on this... but I extracted them because the guide works them later.


Now everything in the Archives shows .bsa and something is definitely wrong because I can't follow the guide any further. There is no "Unmanaged" anything in my order, except one empty Unmanaged Bashed File that sits there from the moment I installed Bash, along with other software I've never heard about until now (just following the guide and trying to understand as much as I can), the mods come with their names intact and there is nothing I can check or uncheck in the Archives because all of it is grey and untouchable... 

Can someone tell me please, how should I approach this? If I should reverse this BSA process and if yes, then how? Or extracting BSA was the right thing to do (I still would like to know how to reverse them) and I should continue and just sort the mods in a logical order without "unmanaged" doubles?
Or perhaps there is an updated guide for MO2 that escaped my attention? (I searched)
Here are my specs if needed (cannot set them in signature as requested until 1 post is approved)
Additional: OS is Windows 10 Pro
I do apologize for the amount of words. I am trying to reach out for I am in real need of help at this point and using the only method of communication available to me. English is not my first language and thus I am trying to be as thorough as possible.
I just want to make a good game great and finally play it, instead it has been a real war for me for over a month now, which I am not winning. For each new thing that I learn I get 3 that confuse the hell out of me. I can't even begin describing the mess inside my head right now...
~ Thank you for your understanding.
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You should abandon that guide altogether. It is very outdated. A newer version can be found here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/10924-srle-extended-legacy-of-the-dragonborn/


Though I will say those guides are for more advanced users, not those new to the modding scene. There are some more simple guides out there, including the STEP Guide but I don't know of any for Skyrim LE that has been updated to use MO2. Most of the guides that use MO2 are for Skyrim SE (SSE). The next version of the STEP Guide will use MO2, however, it's a little ways off. I would suggest you start with the STEP Guide that I linked and then ask for help when you need it. That would be good for a beginner.

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Thank you very much! 

One more question, if you don't mind.


Since I've already seem to mess things up, I would like to reinstall Skyrim and start fresh without removing any tools like MO2, ect but cleaning them as well. So there are no loose ends, no INIs, BSAs or anything from the old game. Just clean and neat tools waiting for a new game.


Would simply deleting Data folder from Steam and then "verifying games integrity" achieve that? Or are there any other files I'd need to look for for a fresh start?


Thanks again, I really appreciate this.

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