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Enhanced Night Skyrim (by CptJoker)


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  • 10 months later...

Vanilla features a low-quality 512x512 skystars.dds

Enhanced Night Skyrim Stars Low features a high-quality 1024x1024 skystars.dds, and that is the only file it installs

Skyrim HD 1.5 features a high-quality 2048x2048 (lite) or 4092x4092 (full) skystars.dds


Question: why is ENS even considered for installation? Because STEP baseline is 1024? You could at least add a note stating that ENS is for low-VM builds only.


P.S. I can't adequately judge the texture content just by looking at it outside of the game, but SHD texture looks ok here.

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  • 2 years later...

I do see that quite a few people who are doing extreme mods of the night sky are still using the star field from this mod, so I get why to use this.  I also see that the Wonders Of Weather mod from section 2.J. adds shooting stars.  But are there upgraded texture mods for the galaxy, moons, auroras and constellations somewhere in the STEP Extended mod set?  If so, it's not apparent and I went looking.

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