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ESP in Bold Text on Right Pane. Cannot Arrange Where needed.



I'm trying to install the mod View Distance Decreased Modified. The Mod itself is fine, but the compatibility patch for it to work with the mod Fellout appears in Bold text on the right pane despite being an ESP. I need to arrange it under the mod, but cannot because of this.


Is there anyway to fix this?

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The font is bold if the mod is flagged as a master (like Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp) regardless of the extension and all masters (including these "fake" masters) must be sorted at the top of the list before the plugins. I'm not familiar with this mod so you should probably check the mod page to determine why it's flagged as a master. If this is unintentional, you can load it in xEdit and reset the master flag in the header... but you should definitely check to determine why these plugins are set this way.

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